11 January 2011

Themes for SS 2011

This theme is a reflection of fondness, heavily loaded with memories and re-invented with new innovations. To create the charmingly soft and nostalgic mood, the trend uses sophisticated construction, digital prints, audacious accents and a blend of subtle silks, fine cottons and sheer chiffons. This also includes the fine luxury lines which are made to last, as well as the return of the camisole, bodices and teddies - all expressions of internal seduction.

Antidote is all about the happiness & freedom of non-conformity, through the passion of colours and an explosion of print. More particularly geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music and cartoon influences. Think celebration, creativity, beachwear, mixes of ethnic & otherworld, ardour and femininity.

The essence of luxury. Ostentatious. Theatrical. Urban roughness. This is sublime. In more detail, this trend sees haute couture meeting high-tech to create something truly unique. This is very theatrical, with the usage of opaque and transparent materials, also including transfer prints, graphics and slight bondage accents. Exceptional beauty and luxury.

Oasis - the pleasure gorged from sun and freshness. There are two elements. The exotic - exuberant nature inspired by Gauguin, luxuriant foliage and cat-like beachwear motifs. The other aspect is the desert - a landscape of sand, primate embroideries, Berber stripes, beautiful laces, ikats and metal accents. This will include the return of the caftan, djellabahs, dry knits and light linens & cottons for the lingerie trend.

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