31 October 2010

Alexander McQueen SS11

Alexander McQeens creative inspiration lives on through the help of Sarah Burton, with the S/S 2011 collection being designed by her. She knows she has some very large shoes to fill, but this collection is definitely a tribute to the late designer's work, although was not quite as refine and as detailed as McQueen's work, but it is necessary for Burton to bring some of her own creative inspiration to the fashion house, in order to keep it where McQueen had left it. Her first collection under McQueens name has been largely inspired by nature, with corn dresses, feathered skirts, and 3D butterfly embellishments. I look forward to seeing where this designer will go next with McQueen.

Lanvin for H&M A/W 2010

NEWSFLASH : LANVIN DESIGN FOR H&M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if your looking for design at a cheeper price, look no further than the H&M Fall 2010 collection. Will definitely be buying myself a little xmas pressie this year!!

This Season's Party

Corsetry used in this dress, mimics that of dresses warn to the much earlier masked balls, seen on Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Anna Dello Russo in one of the most eccentric masks warn, with a beautiful white silk chiffon dress.

A masked ball even suits men! and the mystery behind the original balls gives the party a romantic twist. Photographed here, hostess Carine Roitfeld and son Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.

Natalia Vodianova photographer above.

Recently French Vogue Celebrated their 90th Anniversary Masquerade Ball, during Paris Fashion Week. This event was a sure to be fashion explosion, with everyone from the industry including Anna Dello Russo, John Paul Gauliter, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, Victor & Rolf and many more, attended the elegant ball held by Carine Roitfeld, at the Hotel Pozzo Di Borgo. Soon after this event, I have recently attended a masquarade ball, celebrating an 18th . . .

Ruth, Sammy, birthday girl Kitty and Holly. I adored Kitty's heavily embellished dress!
Alex & Ojhanie (with her unique twist to a mask).
Holly & Grace in sparkle & feathers! Perfect for a masquerade ball.
Josie & Rhiannon with elaborately decorated masks.
Me, Sammy (love her lippy!), Ruth & Grace.
. . . this was definitely a great idea for a party, giving me a great reason to dress up, with my 8 inch heels! Although I did weaken and take off my mask quite early on, after it kept slippy off!
. . . And OK I know I look I've had a tad too many, but that even happens at the most sort after parties . . .
. . . yes I'm talking about you, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Robert Konjic!
Perhaps this sudden trend in masked balls may have been slightly inspired by the media recently, such as the Smirnoff masked party ad for 2009 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKQWLx18h-w) or perhaps the more recent masked party from the Ikea kitchen advert "you'll always find him in the kitchen at parties'' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mweZH3bOFG4).

Calvin Klein Push Boundaries in New Ad Campaign

The new A/W 2010 Calvin Klein adds, featuring Lara Stone, have effectively been banned in Australia, for 'glamorising rape and violence'! This is not the first add to be banned of Calvin Klein, however, my personal opinion, I would not say that these picture depicted rape nor violence. OK they may be TOO sexualised for every member of the public, but times are moving on! If Alexander McQueen could produce a collection entitled 'Highland Rape' in A/W 1995, with his models staggering down the catwalk in clothes which have been violently torn away, and get away with it. And if GaGa can practically strut around naked in her 'Telephone' video, and (almost) get away with it . . . then where do we draw the line? Whats pushing it, making something unique, and whats pushing it too far?
Would you say these photos should be band, for just reflecting lust and desire? Personally, I think billboard ads would be pushing it too much, but magazines such as Vogue, is this really that controversial?

Stems and Thorns by Nirrimi Hakanson

I love how this new upcoming fashion photographer uses light and shadow to create dramatic effects within his photographs, also how the use of colour is quite soft, yet still saturated. What do you think?

22 October 2010

London Fashion Week (17th-22nd September)

As you probably already know, London Fashion Week has recently taken place, to showcase the designers S/S 2011 collections. I am receiving emails from the event, and thought I would compose these 6 pages, for each day of the event, to show which designers were there, and there best pieces. Enjoy!

20 October 2010

Designer Remix S/S 2011 - Charlotte Eskildsen

This simple black and white collection, by Eskildsen, may not have the colour or print to make the designs vibrant, but instead it uses 3D textures to create a much greater dramatic impact. This collection sees pleats, gathers, twists, tucks, frills, lace, drapes, A-symmetric designs, zips, big shoulders . . . and i could go on forever. Personally I love the fold detailing on the top skirt, to give it texture, and also how the collection uses simple colours, so that they are not overpowering and allows the details to be dominant. Also I WANT the boots!!!

REAL Statement Jewellery

This piece of so called 'jewellery' is definitely the definition of statement!! It has been created by Fannie Schiavoni, and here you can see it being displayed at a London Fashion Week exhibition.

Beauty Trend 2010

Backstage at Unconditional's A/A 2010 Catwalk show, make up followed a strict code : sleek, glamorous, beautiful. Hair was combed back, with not a hair out of place, and left to hang gently at the ends, foundation & lips were kept very natural, and eyes were a smokey brown. This simple look is perfect for A/W as the purity and natural appeal works well with the popular trends and colours this time of the year.

Seasonal Hair

A/W 2010 sees a lot of buns on the catwalk, and previously during S/S 2010 braids were very big news. So why not team them together, to create a much more unique style of bun this season!?! Although practice IS needed, as french plates are not easy, when at the back of your head!!

18 October 2010

Britains Next Top Model LIVE

Between 22-24th October, The Excel London is hosting Britain's Next Top Model Live. From only £18, you can watch all the runners-up and winner of this year's competition, modeling the latest trends on the 45 minute catwalk. You can also try your hand at modeling down the Kiss 100 Open Catwalk, after perhaps enjoying pampering from Happy Feet Spa, and a makeover from Bobbi Brown. And if your strutting is up to standards, there are even scouters around from modeling agencies. Shopping can also be enjoyed at this event with Fred & Ginger Lingerie, Nine West, Urban Outfitters, Zandra Rhodes Footwear, amongst many more brands. There are also magazine stands, a bar and professional photographers. Headlining the event will be a performance from Dianna Vickers, and other acts such as Eliza Doolittle and Jessie J will also be performing. So its not to late to buy your ticket now at http://www.bntmlive.com/ or even at the door!