8 December 2015

PANTONE Colour(s) of the Year 2016 - Balance & Tranquillity

    Introducing Pantone's very first dual colour of the year - a seamless blend of Rose QuartzSerenity. This mineral pink & light dusky blue will soon be what influences the fabrics that are brought by designers, the mood desired within interiors & even to the extent of inspiring food presentation.
    This years colour combination is not a result of indecision, but has been carefully paired to create a sense of mindfulness & well-being as an antidote to the stress & anxiety of the modern day. The balance of the warm embracing rose hue & the cooling tranquil blue creates a soothing sense of order & peace for the new year ahead.
Pantone describes "Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times."

   The colour also have a much deeper meaning when you read into Pantone's choice for 2016 - it represents the social progress & the philosophical importance that the next year could have. 
“Societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”
    The colour duo has already been seen present in the most recent Fashion Week SS16, so expect to see a lot more of it during the upcoming spring!
 But if you can't wait till spring, here's a mini edit of how you can get the look in time for Christmas!!! My personal favourite is the bobble hat!
   For more on Pantone's 2016 Colours of the Year & a video about the meaning behind their decision, please check out https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2016

18 November 2015

GET THAT LOOK!!! A World of Exotica SS16

   As promised, here is a greater glimpse into the trends of SS16 & how you can get your hands on a piece of next season early! This week I explore A World of Exotica in collaboration with Oasap. From Dolce & Gabbana's vibrant colours & eccentric accessories to the intricate tropical prints at Temperley London, this trend is made for summer, its light, its playful & above all its a celebration of colour. Look out for tropical prints, cultural inspirations & a sense of lightness.
 Top left to bottom right: Wing Strapy High Heels $44.99
Top left to bottom right: 
   Next time I will be exploring the trend An Uncomfortable Palette & how you can achieve this for yourself. All garments listed as links above are from Oasap, so go & check them out while stocks last :)

11 November 2015

Fashion Week SS16 Trend Report

 Brilliant florals, baroque prints & vibrant colours, inspired by exotic lands & beautiful foreign cultures. A trend well suited to those hot summer days & the spectacular summer celebrations.
    Graphic prints and contrasting colour blocking are making a big statement to brighten up summer. To take this to the next level, try mixing textures - sheer lace, matt prints & ultra-shine fabrics are all a favourite for next season.
    A step up from the slip dress, with elaborate lace details, embellishments & block prints. It is still a slick style, but has been upgraded by detail.
    Do not just think galactic, but futuristic & minimalistic. There is an air of simplicity & grace with each, but up close you realise a true exploration of print & fabric textures, where designers have also begun toying with new fabrics & techniques. Think pure, clean & above all detailed.
    Ultra-feminine style  has presented itself as the golden age of glamour in Spring Summer, juxtaposing exaggerated elements of the past, with fresh new colours, textures & a clash of prints. This is one of my favourite, as it has collected everything good from the past & has successfully combined it to create something very irregular & exciting - especially in Miu Miu's case!
    Texture? Tick. Colour? Tick. Print? Tick. This trend is all about the mix & exploration of details. With so many varying aspects to each garment, the designers have truly pushed themselves to create pieces that carefully consider each area of design. The result - we have colours that bounce off of each other, intricate textures layered upon each other & prints that are sharply contrasted with one another. Have fun & be experimental with this trend.
   My absolute favourite for next season! There are so many aspects combined into one here that I could not make up a title just-worthy. Retro-Liberian-Suburban-Lady-Geek should just about cover it? It's a real concept clash of all that exciting & bold, which results in an overall ladylike look. This is definitely a trend to have fun with, to experiment with extravagant styling - just remember three works - lady, vintage, bold.
   What were your favourite bits of Fashion Week SS16? Let me know! And stay tuned for some tips on how to achieve these looks yourself!

9 November 2015

My Month in Photos: September + Boo Tea Teatox Review + Mackerel Salad Recipe!!!

   Hello Autumn!!! It has well & truly arrived within the last month - as have the crunchy leaves on the floor that my inner child still loves to stomp through! Last month was a busy one for me - I completed my PORTFOLIO, had some experience interning at Holly Fulton & have enjoyed cooking meals for two, now that my man has returned from his two months in America! So here is a glimpse into my September - I hope yours was just as colourful!
Yum Yum! Greek yoghurt, honey + raspberries = Healthy & delicious!
My new business cards came in the post! :) They're so bright!!!
So what does it do? Boo Tea is a beginning or a boost to a healthy lifestyle. It aims to cleanse the digestive system using only natural ingredients, to leave you feeling less bloated & to flush out toxins & excess stored within your body. It can also leave you feeling energised, while helping to aid weight loss.
The Taste: 2/5 However I really dislike herbal teas & the taste did get better with time!
The Cleansing: 5/5 I definitely noticed a cleansing effect on my body. I felt less tired, more motivated, cleaner within (sounds cheesy but honest!) & generally more healthy.
The Bloating: 5/5 I noticed the biggest change around my stomach, as it became completely flat & lost all bloating!
The Energizing: 4/5 I felt energised for a couple of hours after drinking, but when I started to see the effect I became more motivated & energised with it.
The Weight Loss: 4/5 I lost a couple of inches in total. Around the abs & hips were most noticeable where bloating had been reduced. However felt leaner overall.
My reason for my Teatox: I was feeling a little bloated after changing up my workouts from gym to home bodyweight workouts, so I needed a little extra push to make me full more lean.
My Final Review: 5/5 I would definitely recommend & use this product again. However I would note this product is only there to detox the body & that weight loss is just an advantage that some experience as a side effect. I felt 100% less bloated & more energised to carry on with my workouts. I was teaming this product with my usual balanced diet (85% health 15% naughty) & working out 4-6 times per week, as well as drinking green tea before starting the Teatox - all of which definitely helped too!
My Ingredients (1 portion):
-1 Fillet of Sweet Chilli Mackerel    -1 Hard Boiled Egg                    -12g Croutons
-20g Goats Cheese                            -1/4 Pepper                                 -2Tbsp Sweetcorn
-50g Mixed Salad Leaves, try to include Spinach                               -Caesar Salad Dressing
- Pan fry the Mackerel in Soy Source, Lemon Juice or Fry Light - according to your taste. Add a little water as the pan dries out - a healthier option to using oil!
- Try to opt for a healthy option of salad dressing & croutons, as often the hidden calories can make a healthy meal suddenly unhealthy!
- Add as much colour to your salad as possible to include more nutrients & try to include some dark salad leaves too - such as spinach - not just lettuce.

6 November 2015

FITSPO Friday : Anna Renderer

   I travelled to uni to study one of my passions, only to discover another along the way - fitness! For every moment that fashion has overwhelmed me with stress, tore down my confidence and pushed me to breaking point, working out has helped to build up my strength, revive my body and empower my self belief once more. Without it, who knows where me and my degree would be now! Travelling to uni allowed me the freedom to explore my interest in fitness, and with every year that passes I grow ever more intrigued and hungry to learn more! Hence why I have recently decided to open my blog up to much more than just my love of fashion & design...
   One of my biggest 'fitsperations' right from the beginning has been Anna Renderer - a personal trainer in America and a regular contributor to Popsugar Fitness. For over three years now she has helped shape my fitness program - from butts to abs to legs, she knows how to work it! She has been such a personal inspiration & drive to me that I thought it was about time to share here with you!!!
   You can access her FREE workouts via Popsugar Fitness or visit her website http://www.annarenderer.com/ for fitness & meal plans. One of my personal favourites is her 4 day detox & workout plan - it's a toughy but by eating completely clean for those 4 days, it leaves you with a flat stomach and clean canvas to work on when headed back to the gym!
   I have learnt so much from following her, not just about fitness but about nutrition too (as you may have noticed from my instagram) - so thank you Anna!!!
"Abs are made in the kitchen & sculpted in the workout!"
A quote from Anna - so true!

2 November 2015

It's All in the Detail - Fashion Week SS16

   You may have noticed a small absence, but don't despair, I have not forgotten to post again! I have been gathering the best details of Fashion Week SS16 to bring you a quick glimpse into what to look forward to next season. So I hope you enjoy the blast of strong colour palettes, the unusual textures and the uncanny celebration of all that is lady like, that is your SS16. Let me know your favourite moments of Fashion Week bellow!
Miu Miu                            Emilio Pucci
     Kenzo                         Balenciaga            Christopher Kane
Stella McCartney                         Marc Jacobs
Vivienne Westwood          Oscar de la Renta          Givenchy        
Dolce & Gabbana                     Dries Van Noten
Mary Katrantzou                     Gucci            
Images taken from the Vogue.com/fashion-shows website.

13 October 2015

The Making of a Graduate Collection - Behind the Scenes of Sickly Sweet Suburbia SS16

Photograph by Jack Codling
   As promised, here is a glimpse into my last year at uni studying fashion design & the build up to my graduate collection! If anyone out there is also studying fashion, I expect you are constantly told how quick your final year will go - they are not kidding! It was an intense amount of work for only 9 months, with little sleep towards the end (6am-12pm was my working day in the last couple of weeks to show day) & with many worrying thoughts that I'd never finish the collection, dissertation & portfolio. But I did it!!! And despite everything, it was worth it to see my collection come to life on the catwalk & to share my hard work with everyone around me. So I introduce to you Sickly Sweet Suburbia SS16...
   You may have guessed by reading my blog or following me on social media, that I am a huge fan of 1950's Americana - it was just so feminine, so sexy & was such a good starting point for a narrative collection. My initial inspiration was the colours & set design of TV program Pushing Daisies, mixed with the mysterious narratives in William Eggleston's & Gregory Crewson's work. This soon lead to my six persona's, from the Hopeless Romantic to the Bold & the Beautiful - the innocent, sweetly naive housewife to the wickedly charming, spiteful & cunning suburbanite.
 Photographs by Abbie Stern
   My toiling & pattern cutting process... I love the creative freedom of pattern cutting & how you can really control the figure & silhouette through it. For this collection I created the patterns from scratch myself, which were then taken to fittings to make adjustments & develop before the final stage.
   For this collection in particular, colour was extremely important. I wanted each piece to reflect the nature of my characters, to range from sweet & feminine to sickly, jarring & OTT. The chosen colours then had to be matched with the digital printer's colours for my prints & with my wool choices for my textured skirts. Print & texture is another detail I love to include in collections, to really create stand out, one of pieces. So my next step was to create my prints & experiment with placements.
Photograph by Abbie Stern
   This skirt... It took around 3 weeks to create, which involved cutting all the wool lengths, mixing the perfect ratio of colours & finally sewing each piece to net. But it was worth it in the end.
 Photographs by Abbie Stern
My final collection & the fashion show photos.
Photograph by Mitchell Severs
   A few photos, illustrations & CAD's from my portfolio, if you would like to see the entire collection in detail, please do visit my portfolio.
 Photographs by Sam Taylor
    During this project, I was also very lucky to work with some extremely talented photographers & film makers, of which you can find their portfolios & links by clicking on their names. This particular set of photos were taken from a short film, currently being edited, which featured my entire collection. I will share the film with you when it is ready! But for now, thank you for taking an interest in my work, it means a lot to me! If you would like to purchase anything seen here, work together or even have something designed especially for you, please contact me.
Produced by Eloise Rudd.    Directed by Anna Ling.    Production Design by Georgina Devine.    MUA & Hair by Jo Budden.    Photographs by Sam Taylor.