25 November 2016

Clean Eating Made Easy - What I Eat in a Day

   I see so often people falling short of their goals because they're either constantly dieting & depriving their bodies of what it truly needs, or they just feel at a loss as to what to eat. So I thought today I would share with you exactly what I eat in a week, to show you just how easy it is! So ditch those naff diets - its time to fuel your body with what it needs, to enjoy what you're eating & to understand why you're eating it!

   Before I begin, there's a few important things to note...
1. These portion sizes are specific to my macros (currently on 2090 cals, 261g carbs, 58g fat & 131g protein). So take a note of your height & weight & enter them into an online calorie calculator to give you a rough idea of your daily intake. You can also use a calorie counter to help stay on track.
2. If you wish to gain weight, increase your calories & to lose weight, try a calorie deficit of 200-300 calories, to make it more sustainable. It's as simple as that!
3. PLEASE DON'T cut out a whole food group! Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, especially on training days, whilst fats also provide energy & are utilised on rest days. Calories are one of the easiest forms of energy to keep tabs on though, so don't be shy of them - your body needs the energy! Meanwhile protein is important for muscle growth & repair. This is a very broad explanation, but it's to help you understand the importance of each food group.

   So here is an example of what I eat in a week - it is easy to prepare, nutritionally rich & most importantly very tasty! Plus the smaller portions & frequent snacks keep me full all day & on track from bringing on sugar!
Overnight oats + Green Tea
* TIP - Try making porridge with coconut milk to add flavour, so you won't need to add a topping, such as honey *
Oat Biscuits + Homemade Cappuccino
* TIP - Make your own cappuccinos, lattes etc instead of buying them - you can use skimmed milk & water & less sugar, making them a lot healthier (& cheaper) than buying one *
Soup + Black Coffee
Carbs from my pitta, protein for my cottage cheese & soup & a square of dark chocolate to help prevent blood clots, whilst the black coffee picks up my energy & metabolism for the afternoon. An easy yet well thought out lunch - everything has it's purpose!
Apple + Peanut Butter + Lemon Water
Banana's are also a fantastic alternative!
* TIP - I aim to drink 2 litres of water a day. Add lemon for flavour, great health benefits & to decrease bloating! *
Tuna + Salad Cream
TIP - It's important to intake protein after weight training, to repair & build your muscles. Tuna is extremely lean & high in protein, but other good options are chicken & protein shakes with water *
Oven Cooked Peri Peri Salmon + Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom + Baked Veg
* TIP - Reduced fat mozzarella, cottage cheese & Greek or Icelandic yogurt are great alternatives to meat, to increase your daily protein intake *
Sugary Tea + Protein Yogurt + Chocolate
I know bedtime is the worst time to treat yourself, but it keeps me motivated all day! So why not!

   I hope this helps to give you new ideas of how easy healthy eating can be! If you'd like to know more or want more inspiration of healthy meal plans, contact me or leave a comment bellow! 

17 November 2016

AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 3 - Concept

Part 3 - Concept
   This season I have noticed 4 recurring themes, inspired by culture, OTT personas & locations. These have included the overly feminine, minimalism, Eastern florals & Western fantasies. My personal favourite is the overly feminine. Take a look & see what inspires you the most this season...
Twin Peaks
If you have never seen the David Lynch TV program, Twin Peaks, then go watch NOW! This surreal crime drama, set in a small American logging town, is anything but usual. It is an eerie, disconcerting & extremely addictive classic that you'll never forget. Anyway, enough of the program, it is it's styling we're interested in. This is small town early 90's American fashion, where diner dresses, bulky hand knits & your boyfriends letterman's jacket are your style staples. Watch the program & you'll understand!

 Scream Queens
Another TV program where I could see it's styling matching so well with what is on the runway this season. Once again, if you haven't seen... watch! This is more fun, colourful & OTT,  but it is brilliant all the same. It's time to channel your inner Chanel Oberlin (or inner sorority queen if you still haven't watched) - but leave her attitude at home! Look for statement pieces, feminine, fun, bright, sparkly, textured... creative-couture-like pieces. Chanel, Versace & Dolce & Gabbana are great to look to for inspiration - they're so rich in concept & individualism.

She's A Lady
Last but not least of the feminine trends. This is inspired by a certain persona, ladylike, overly feminine & supposedly the epitome of perfection. Look out for beautiful feminine cuts, bright florals & prints & detailed embellishments. Complete the look with styling, by adding a dainty bag, statement jewellery & even a pair of cats-eyes sunglasses to really perfect the persona.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away 
With the success of Star Wars last year, another film coming out this year & the promise of a fresh new year looming, futuristic minimalism has never been so key! Once again, please refrain from mirrored metallics, sharp silhouettes & robot-like garments. Instead look for subtle hints to futurism & optimism - bright whites, clean lines & beautiful drape. For example Gabriele Colangelo's waist tie, Adam Selman's strong silhouette & Jacquenmus's cape all have nod's towards Star Wars' futuristic styling. Whilst at Valentino & Wes Gordon, the beautifully feminine cuts are reminiscent of Princess Leia's effortless styling.

Oriental Bloom
Delicate, decorative & colourful. In a season without bloom, the designers have given us a feast of florals to brighten up our  wardrobes. Feel free to be as busy or as subtle with your florals as you like, but look to the East for inspiration on prints & cuts, to really capture this trend.

 Pride of America
From East to West... A contrast to the delicate florals, we are now looking at the unapologetic American pride. Colour palette - the American flag of course; don't be afraid to clash the colours together, as this look as all about being bold. Naturally stripes are key - from the business man's pinstripe, to varsity prints & slightly more subtle checks. Add some stars in for good measures, or if you want to tone it down a bit, opt for a varsity jacket or a simple colour clash to capture an essence of the trend.

American Ranch
Time to head down south now, to celebrate the history of America. A key detail here is to focus on the cut - like the shirt details at Mary Katrantzou - & mix that detail with print & colour, to create something completely new, that is still obviously inspired by cowboy styling. Fausto Puglisi successfully combines key cowboy detailing with rich colours & print, whilst at Jeremy Scott, the theme is obviously conceptual & playful.

16 November 2016

AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 2 - Cut & Fabric

Part 2 - Cut + Fabric
 Tie It Up
This trend is all about adding layers & texture to a garment, through knots, twists & ties, to manipulate the look of a classic garment. Fabrics with a weight or a certain stiffness are best here, as they allow for more extravagant silhouettes & creative sculpting of the fabric. This is quite a unique look, so if you can't find anything like this, try manipulating simple garments yourself, to create something much more memorable!
All About Contrast
Colour blocking is always a fantastic way to demand attention. Either go for a fierce contract, such as the yellow lining at Delpozo, or try juxtaposing very similar colours, such as bright pink & red, that fight for the attention, like at Iceberg. Or if you feel particularly daring, pick colours that feel uneasy on the eye when placed together, such as at Salvatore Ferragamo. Want even more of an impact? Then throw in a strong print too!
A Delicate Touch
Unlike some of the bolder trends this season, this one has a much softer appeal to it. Chiffons, silks & light weight fabrics are key here, with feminine shapes & delicate drapery. This is all about a gentle beauty & a floating silhouette.
Layers of Interest
This is all about creative styling. Instead of choosing a single garment, the interest comes from layering a garment in an unexpected way. Try mixing weights of fabrics, contrasting colours & mixing textures, to create an outfit has so much detail, the eyes won't know where to look first. Rachel Zoe's & Mary Katrantzou's layers work particularly well as they've mixed textures, colours, prints & fabric weight, to create a unique & intriguing look.
Life's A Frill
Another trend carrying through from summer - the frill. This season it has been developed into both thicker & thinner styles - with a chunky knit frill at Philosophy di Lorenxo Serafini & a delicate lace & tulle frill at Rodarte. 
Luxurious Loungewear
Loungewear comes in many styles this season - from an evening's sultry slipdress to silky smart co-ords. In the season where all we want to do is snuggle up in our PJ's, fashion has found a way to bring that comfort & that sexiness out from the bedroom.
Youth Culture
Relaxed. Sporty. Effortless. With bold colours, skimpy cuts & supposedly fuss free styling, this trend is about capturing the essence of what it is to be young, free & confident.

15 November 2016

What To Expect? AW 16/17 Trend Report - Part 1 - Colour

   What do they say? Some things are worth the wait... And this is one of them! I have scouted all the shows from AW 16/17 to bring you an edit of the most creative, individual & spectacular pieces the designers have to offer for this season. So sit back & enjoy this 3 part series, that I hope may inspire you to explore fashion, even in the most bleakest of weathers!

Part 1 - Colour + Print
A 70's Hue
There's no mistaking that when the weather turns cold, we find warmth in our colour choice. My particular favourites are the burnt umber, coppers & fiery oranges seen this season. This colour palette combined with a nod to the 70's - which was hugely popular in the summer - offers us a range of beautiful dresses, suede boots & statement knitwear. 

Animal Instinct 
Always a favourite, but with a twist... we have abstract coloured zebra print, giraffe print, textured prints & scattered leopards on a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress. This trend is all about making an impact, in a sea of dull winter coats! So have some fun & experiment with your animal prints this season.

The Darker Side of Love
Delicate lace, sheer chiffons & a whisper of florals on a backdrop of black. This trend might have quite a gothic appearance, but it is the soft details that make it beautiful, with a juxtaposition of darkness.

Blood Orange 
Bright. Vibrant. Unmissable. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, what will? Try adding a touch of blood orange to your outfit, or go for a full colour clash. This season, orange is power!

Razzle Dazzle 
As delicate as snow & as dazzling as fairy lights. It is all the magic, all the promise & all the glitz & glam that this season has to promise. However this is far more subtle to the ordinary glitter & OTT sequins. Instead metallic woven fabrics, delicate beading & shimmering tassels are what to look out for.

Fresh & Natural
Nudes, blush pinks, tans & olives... with a sharp dash of white. These light shades allow us to see through the supposedly minimal garments & instead concentrate on the beauty of the cut, the draping & the added details & to celebrate the art of dressmaking. This is all about beauty, simplicity & cut.

Pretty In Pink!
Baby pink. Pastel pink. Dusty pink. Bright Pink... We are mad about pink! So take your pick. Either go subtle with light pastels from head to toe, add print, glitz or texture for detail, or create a colour clash - try adding reds, oranges & even greens! 

14 October 2016

100% Natural Peanut Butter Protein Bars

   If you're like me, there is only one thing that keeps clean eating a sustainable life choice - and that is a treat! We all have different cravings for things, but mine is for anything sweet, particularly freshly prepared desserts. So perhaps it's time to indulge your cravings, to control them, by having a small daily treat. And what better than a treat that is sweet, full of energy & 100% clean? A perfect pre gym energy boost or a well earned post gym recovery snack.
Serving Size 16
Calories 112.9    Fat 2.9g    Carbs 17.1g    Sugars 11g    Protein 4.5g
150g       Oats
100g       Dates
100g       Honey
50g         Raisins
50g         Good Hemp Protein Powder
30g         Peanut Butter
1 Tbsp    Chopped Almonds
1 Tbsp    Cinnamon
8 Sprays Coconut Oil Spray
1. Preheat your oven at 220 degrees celsius. Melt together the peanut butter & honey in the microwave, stirring at 45 second intervals, until liquid becomes smooth.
2. Mix together all dry ingredients - oats, dates, almonds, seeds, cinnamon, raisins & protein - in a separate bowel.
3. Slowly mix in the dry ingredients into the liquid, until all is evenly covered.
4. Spray a baking tray with coconut oil or use grease proof paper. Evenly lay your mix on the baking tray & bake for 20mins, checking half way. It will depend on how thick your bars are, as to how long you need to cook them. Cook until oats are brown.
5. Allow it cool, then cut into 16 bars & enjoy!

30 September 2016

How to Keep it Clean with Your Protein

   We have all done away with dieting - and if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for - to favour one new rule, JUST EAT CLEAN. And why not? We are no longer restricting ourselves from necessary food groups such as carbs or dairy, we are eating more natural versions of our old favourites & we are feeling healthier, happier & more motivated than ever to continue. But this is where most people come unstuck - how do we know what supplements are right for us? It can be hard to navigate through the list of ingredients to know whether the health food company is actually selling us something we need. My advise - it really depends on you as an individual & your training needs. High carb protein bars are great for those really pushing their limits, increasing their muscle mass & need a little more fuel, pre workout supplements are useful to increase energy & concentration for a particularly challenging workout, whilst hemp protein is a great way to increase your intake of protein, without adding much else to your diet.

What Makes Hemp Protein Unique?
   I have recently discovered the wonder of Good Hemp Pure Protein powder & what I love about it is that it is truly 100% natural, which helps me reach my protein goals easily without worrying about what else I am putting into my body. In comparison with other protein (such as whey or soy) Good Hemp Protein is grown & produced naturally, with no additives, preservatives or any other ingredients added, so it really is a protein as clean as your diet!
   Now lets talk nutrition. With 75% protein in 100g of Good Hemp Protein, it is also one of the only plant based proteins to be complete, containing all 20 amino acids - including the 9 essential amino acids of which our bodies can not produce. The protein is also high in dietary fibre, making it easily digestible with less chances of bloating & is a source of Omega 3, 6 & 9, for a healthy immune system, increased brain function, radiant skin & many other health benefits! And if that was not enough, it also contains iron & zinc, whilst being low in saturated fats & sugars.
   Still no convinced? It may all sound too good to be true, but the process of the Good Hemp products are 100% traceable. The hemp is grown in Devon, where the whole plant is used for oil, fabric & even building materials. As well as being entirely useful, hemp is additionally one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly crops, absorbing more CO2 per square meter than a square meter of forest. When grown, the seed is cold pressed (to preserve all it's nutrients) to extract the oil & the remaining protein & fibre is finely milled to produce the protein powder - with no additional ingredients!

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake
   It wasn't until I started recording my macros that I realised how little protein I was eating & how easy it was to increase my intake. Your protein intake will depend on your weight, your goal weight & your physical activity - there are some great protein calculators available online such as on Bodybuilding.com. Protein is important for muscle repair & growth, as well as a source of energy, so it is vital to reach your intake in order to achieve your goals. A great thing about Hemp Protein is it's neutral flavour, so it can easily be added to meals - with that said here are 5 easy ways to add more protein into your daily diet...
1. Overnight Oats Breakfast
Average Protein Intake per Portion 31g
150ml Coconut Milk + 60g Oats + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + Apple & Cinnamon to Serve
Mix together the oats, protein & milk, then leave overnight. Add apple & cinnamon to serve.
2. Carrot, Walnut & Red Lentil Hummus with Lunch
Average Protein Intake per Portion 26g
1/2 Carrot + 25g Red Lentils + 12g Walnuts + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 1/4 Cup Water + Seasoning (for full recipe click on photo)
3. Banana Pancakes Pre Workout
Average Protein Intake per Portion 35g
1 Banana + 2 Eggs + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 1tbsp Honey & Cinnamon to Serve
Heat & mash the banana. Whisk in the two eggs & stir in the protein. If more liquid is needed add an egg white. Fry the pancakes & serve with honey & cinnamon.
4. Peanut Butter & Fruit Yogurt post Workout
Average Protein Intake per Portion 42g
150g High Protein Icelandic or Greek Yogurt (such as Skyr or Fage Total 0%) + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 25g Bluberries + 1tbsp Peanut Butter + 15g Ganola
5. Healthy Protein Brownies Late Night Treat
Average Protein Intake per Portion 17g
3 Bananas + 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter + 1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder + 60g Hemp Protein Powder + 30g Dark Chocolate Chips on top = 1 batch (for full recipe click on photo)
Good Hemp Pure Protein Honest Review
The Taste: Despite common belief, not all plant based proteins taste bad! This particular one has quite a plain taste, making it perfect to stir into things, to easily add protein to your meals & snacks.
The Nutrition: A fantastic product for all clean eaters - naturally grown & produced with nothing added to embellish the product. It is a nutritionally dense product naturally, so there would be no need to add to it. I particularly favour how high it is in protein & how low it is in sugars & fat, meaning I can easily use it to increase my protein intake without overloading on other macros by accident.
Is it For Me?: It is ideal if you wish to increase your protein intake easily, whilst keeping to a strict clean diet, plus it's sustainability is a great selling point too. I will certainly continue to use it to mix into meals to easily boost my protein.
My Rating: 5/5 - I have nothing bad to say! It is a clean, simple, honest product that offers a great quality protein. It may not be flavoured, but that means it can be easily added to food & no artificial flavours have been added, which is an overall plus! I would definitely recommend trying it!
Good Hemp Pure Protein is available for purchase at www.goodhempfood.com

15 August 2016

7 Days to Healthy Snacking with Whitworths Shots

The Fear of Snacking...
   We all know that snacking can be detrimental to succeeding our fitness goals! But saying you'll give up snacking & actually doing it are two very different things. I think instead of demonising the concept of snacking, we need to look at what type of foods we're snacking on. For instance, eating at regular intervals during the day - like a snack in between meals - actually helps kick start the metabolism, boosts energy levels & can prevent further cravings. However it depends what you snack on - pick up that chocolate biscuit & your energy levels will soon crash, you're sweet tooth will not be satisfied & all the sugars done is given you a temporary boost before feeling peckish again.
How Snacking Can Boost the Metabolism, Increase Energy Efficiently & Keep us Motivated...
   I am a firm believer of snacking! Personally the idea of lasting between meals is fearful & if I tried to prevent myself whilst out & about, I would be more likely to give into naughty temptation. Now we know the benefits of snacking, it's important to know what type of healthy snacks can satisfy our needs during certain points of the day - for example to satisfy a sweet tooth, to fill you up between meals or for a much needed energy boost. And when is the ideal time to snack? I chose to snack three times a day, two snacks between meals to maintain energy & one snack at night to control my cravings! As for what snacks to chose from, here's a couple of suggestions...
6 am
Early breakfasts never last all morning - Try adding Date & Toasted Almond Shot
The dates within are a great source of copper, which helps towards the slow release of energy throughout the morning.
8 am
Your tummy is rumbling during your commute - Try Apricot & Seed Shot
Sometimes you need a boost in the morning, especially after an early start or during a long journey. The seeds in this pack are full of nutrients like protein, fibre, iron, vitamins & healthy fatty acids, to keep you awake & alert all morning.
11 am
You're craving a biscuit - Try a Fruity Biscuit Shot
This will satisfy the cravings in a controlled healthy way.
2 pm
It's not even mid afternoon, times dragging & you're already hungry - Try Cranberry & Almond Shot
The natural sugars will increase energy & make you more motivated, whilst the pack has high levels of fibre, to help you meet your daily target.
3 pm
The mid afternoon slump - Try Blueberry & Seed Shot
The vitamin C in the blueberries helps to absorb the iron in the seeds, to reduce tiredness & conquer the slump.
5 pm
Works over & you're too tired for the gym - Try Raisin & Chocolate Shot
This mixture contains iron, which helps to reduce fatigue & tiredness.
6 pm
You need refuelling post workout - Try Tropical Coconut Shot
With the nuts containing protein for your muscles & natural sugars in the fruit to replenish your energy.
7 pm
You've had dinner, but are craving dessert - Try Berry & White Chocolate Shot
The sweet fruit & chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst the antioxidants from the cranberries will help look after your heart after a busy day!
8 pm
You're watching a film, all you need is some popcorn - Try Toffee & Pecan Shot
Both sweet & crunchy, to help you avoid temptation in a portion controlled size.
You're working late on tomorrow's deadline - Try Orange & Chocolate Seed Shot
Studies have shown the aroma of an orange can sooth anxiety, whilst the natural sugars are energising.
Your 7 Day Snack Challenge
   This challenge aims to ease you into snacking healthier, by proving how tasty & easy it is. By replacing unhealthy snacks with Shots for 7 days, you'll begin to feel happier, healthier & more motivated to continue! So here's what you need to do...
1. Get your hands on 14 healthy snacks, like Whitworths' Shots or fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, seeds, even a boiled egg! Just aim to buy natural snacks, not 'weight loss' cereal bars etc. Use the guide above to judge what type of snacks will suit your lifestyle best.
2. Decide when is best to have your snacks 2 healthy snacks a day - I suggest in between meals. Prepare your snacks if you need to - for example premake pots of seeds, nuts & berries, boil your eggs etc.
3. Start craving something unhealthy, pull out your pre-prepared healthy option!
4. Stick to this for ONLY 7 DAYS! See how you feel after & if you're loving it, continue snacking healthily!
My 7 Day Snack Review
How effective was snacking healthily? 5/5 - I already snack healthily & love it. It keeps me full, energised & productive throughout the day & I always have something tasty to look forward to eating! People comment on how often I eat, but it's all about portion control, I have nutritionally compact meals & snack in between to boost energy & get the metabolism racing again.
Did it help combat fatigue? 4/5 - Sometimes you can be just too tired to conquer a slump, but the natural sugars in the fruit kept me going & definitely helped.
Did it keep my hunger at bay? 5/5 - Yes, by eating roughly every 3hrs, it crushes cravings & I never feel hungry.
Did it combat my sweat tooth? 4/5 - It's a hard thing to combat my sweet tooth, but by having a chocolatey Shot, it did prevent me reaching for cake or chocolate!
How effective was it for an active lifestyle? 4/5 - I go to the gym 5-6 times a week ideally, because I love it! The Shots were a great snack pre gym, giving you a boost in energy, without sitting heavy or making you bloated for your workout. Also good as a post gym snack, when you're super hungry! But personally, if you've pushed yourself, I'd recommend a high protein snack or shake instead.
Whitworths Shots Taste: 5/5 - Love them! Especially the chocolatey ones. They're great for portion control, the mix of flavours within one pack compliment each other very well & they're so practical, being already made up & easy to take with you out & about.
My Favourite Shot: Berry & White Chocolate
My Favourite Healthy Snack: Peanut butter & banana - 30mins before exercise, to boost my energy. The banana's carbs, natural sugars & calories give me a burst of energy, whilst there is protein in the peanut butter. Plus I am now a peanut butter addict...
Will I continue healthy snacking because... YES! It has definitely made eating healthy & clean throughout the day so much easier long term. The Shots especially show you how tasty & easy healthy snacking can be.

High Protein Shots Energy Balls
One of my favourite recipes for a high protein, post workout snack!
3-4 Whitworths Shots of your choosing
95g Oats
85g Honey
1-2 Scoops Protein Powder of your choosing
1. Microwave the honey for 30 seconds each go, until it becomes slightly runnier.
2. Meanwhile, mix the oats, protein powder & shots in a bowl.
3. slowly add the dry mixture to the honey, stirring, till the mixture is covered by the honey.
4. Form into 16 balls & place in the fridge for 3 hrs to firm. And they're ready to eat!

To discover the full range of Shots, please visit http://whitworths.co.uk/our-products/shots/

27 July 2016

7 Tips for Healthy Joints & Bones for Every Fitness Level

   Joint & bone care is so important, especially if you live an active lifestyle! It's just as important as the training you do & the food you eat to look after your body. It isn't until you have an injury yourself, that you really put this into perspective. Last year I pulled something in my back, simply by picking up a barbell without thinking & taking all the strain with my back. At the time I just thought that oops - that was bad form! But a week later, my back was in BITS! It took a couple of months to properly repair itself, meanwhile I was so limited to the exercise that I could do. Not only did this effect my training & progress, but it scared me. If we don't care for our bones & joints now while we are fit & healthy, then we are condemning them later on in life. And this goes for everyone, even if you are super fit. In fact the super fit more so - HIIT training & things such as running on the road can have quite a strong impact on our bodies, so it's important for us all to know how to stay strong & healthy.
Ingredients to Look Out For
Keep an eye out for these specific ingredients in food, supplements & even down the seasonings isle.
Used in the continual renewal of cartilage & other body tissues.
It's anti-inflammatory properties can be used to reduce pain, stiffness  immobility. It also has significant antioxidant properties. Most of it's goodness is found in it's skin, so don't waste it!
A tropical fruit containing polyphenols, which reduce inflammatory, have anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic & anti-oxidant properties.
Contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.
Contains anti inflammatory compounds, with similar benefits to ginger.
Foods & Supplements for Healthy Joints & Bones
Containing liquid marine collagen - a major constituent of connective tissues such as skin, tendons, cartilage & bones - Glucosamine, ginger, lychee, copper & vitamin C. This supplement ticks all the nutritional boxes of which your joints & bones need! As well as keeping them healthy, this daily shot helps to increase flexibility & mobility, by relieving any inflammation & stiffness, whilst increasing the strength of the bones, ligaments & tendons. 
2. Omega 3
Oily fish such as salmon, cod liver oil & omega 3 capsules
Contains fatty acids, that relieve inflammation & stiffness in joints by suppressing the production of enzymes that erode cartridge & proteins that regulate inflammation.
3. Vitamin D
Oily fish, yogurt & vitamin D tablets
Helps the body to absorb & process calcium, for strong bones. Our bodies naturally get vitamin D from the sun, however certain skin types need more than others, whilst others are easily damaged by the sun, plus in cloudier climates, you can't rely on the sun!
4. Calcium
Milk, cheese & yogurt
Interestingly enough, lower fat dairy products normally contain more calcium! Soya, rice & oat milks are also calcium rich, as are fish that are eaten with the bones in (such as sardines). Calcium contributes to strong & healthy bones, as well as helping to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is also used for muscle contraction, so if you lift, that's useful to know!
5. Iron
Red meat, pulses, dark green vegetables (spinach!) & oily fish
It has been recommended not to take iron supplements without consulting with a doctor, but instead to get your daily iron naturally. Iron will help to prevent anaemia & extreme fatigue. People who exercise vigorously may also need up to 30% more! So get eating your spinach!
6. Lean Protein
Chicken, turkey, pulses & fish
Protein is key for building healthy, strong connective tissues, especially if you are active. Keeping your muscles strong & healthy will enable them to take the pressure off your bones & joints.
7. Vitamin C
Citrus fruit, juices, vegetables & vitamin C tablets
Vitamin C primarily is an antioxidant, but it can also maintain healthy connective tissues. It is needed to make collagen, to strengthen the body, including it's muscles & blood vessels & plays an important role in healing wounds.
It's effectiveness: It's hard to access how effective it is, however reading into the product further & it's core ingredients, I am confident it can deliver what it promises. If anything, it is providing my body with the essential nutrients it need, so I can trust in that on the short term. In the long term however, I am hoping it strengthens my joints & bones, to support my active lifestyle.
It's taste: 5/5 When I read all the ingredients I was a little worried it was going to taste like fist oil or have a nasty texture. Neither were true, it has a sweet cherry flavour to it & the texture is the same as any other drink.
It's ease: 5/5 1 shot a day is required & is packed with tones of nutrients, the shots are small & discreet to take out with you, making it far easier to consume once a day than about 5 vitamin tablets.
A Recipe for Joints & Bones
If you would like to know more about Liquid Health's range of supplements, please check out http://www.boots.com/en/LQ-Liquid-Health-Joint-Care-10-x-50ml-Bottles_1577112/