23 April 2012

Undercover In Selfridges . . .

So its Final Major Project at the moment in my course, and my tutor had recommended that I go up to London and take a look at some of the pieces that I would be later researching in my sketchbook. So off I went, armed with my phone's camera concealed in my cardigan, and got snap happy. The images are a tad blurred, as my phone's camera is not first class! However this little trip did greatly help my project and influence me. I was able to recognise the great quality of the designer garments! For example the Katrantzou pieces where lined with the beautiful prints seen outside the dresses, making them both easier to retain their shape and adding an aesthetical finish to them. Another piece that impressed me was the Erdem cardigan, which was made from such good quality wool, with silk chiffon floral front panels, that fitted perfectly with the SS12 trend of both pastels (due to its pastel yellow colouring) and 50's American ladylike trend. Anyway hope you enjoy my sneaky photos of this season! And hope they inspired you as they have inspired me! Oh and by the way, I DO KNOW HOW TO SPELL MARY KATRANTZOU!!! It was merely a TYPO on my collaging picture. Ooops.

19 April 2012

"Wow, your dress looks expensive!" "Ermm thanks, but it was only £5!"

Black Jersey Knit Maxi Dress - F & F - £5
Rings - From Accessorize, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins & a Brighton Boutique - Between £2-£10

Today's look had quite basic theory behind it. I wanted to wear a maxi dress/skirt, but the weather was temperamental and chilly, so I pulled out my long sleeved, 70's inspired dress. Yes it is quite black - which my mother did have to point out - but I think with my pale skin, red lipstick and (what was perfectly) blow dried hair, I avoided the gothic black and went for a more glamorous and sophisticated vibe. It is also true that the dress was only £5 - reduced from £20!!!

9 April 2012

My Photographic Inspiration

So for my current design project, I am looking at methods of illusion and how they can be used within fashion design to create the illusion of a more flattering and dynamic silhouette. For part of my research I will be looking at how the use of prints can help - looking specifically at digital photo prints, 60's Op Art prints and 20's inspired cubism prints. I have already started looking at designers that also use print in their work and have found people like Holy Fulton or Mary Katrantzou have previously looked towards architecture for print inspiration. So up in London last week, I thought I could take some initial photos of it's buildings for inspiration too - I especially think that redrawing the photos in the style of Cubism to create a print, will work very well. However these photos are just a sneek peek of the ones I took, to see them all please go to my dressmaking blog http://thesecretsofadressmaker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/lines-curves-of-london-skyline.html

8 April 2012

Yellow & Pink Easter Chicks

Happy Easter all!!!!Now personally my favourite thing about Easter is not the chocolate, but all the cute animals and bright spring colours! And so this is what this outfit reflects. Also I wanted to wear my scalloped top as I felt like an Easter chick in it - I also painted little chicks on my nails to match too :3 Now THATS dedication ;)
Glasses - £2 - Accessorize
Chiffon Scallop Top - £7 - H&M
Pink Pleated Skirt - £5 - Topshop

6 April 2012

Chanel of My Very Own

My trip to London proved very fruitful yesterday, after sourcing a vintage Chanel bag down Brick Lane. My day was initially for looking around London to gather photographic research of buildings and vintage fashions for my new fashion design project. My day included a trip down Bond Street to analyse the construction of designer garments that I am planning to research further on within my project, a trip to Brick Lane to take a look at the 1960's Op Art styled clothing and then later I went to a Grazia event at French Connections, to shop the new collection. So after running around (what felt like) half of London and making the most of my travelcard, it was fair to say I was completely shattered. Shall be blogging more soon with some of my other photos, but for now, I hope you enjoy my Chanel as much as I do :')

2 April 2012

The Fashion Candidates of Hyeres Festival 2012

Above - Garment by Ragne Kikas
So here's my pick of just a few of the fashion candidates from this years Hyeres Festival. The 10 hopefuls were judged by the likes of Yohji Yamamoto and Terry Jones, to win this prestigious award. Some of my personal favourites included the multi-coloured layered jacket by Maxime Rappaz (above) and the highly textured dress by Lucas Sponchiado (bellow). But what pieces are your favourite? To see more please go to http://www.villanoailles-hyeres.com/fr/archives
Bellow - Garment by Narelle Dore
Bellow - Garment by Paula Selby Avellaneda
Bellow - Garment by Steven Tai

1 April 2012

Faith by Paul Cassidy

With dreamlike qualities, these photographs really allow the viewer to focus on a few main points within the picture, using the mainly golden and pastel colour scheme to add an aesthetically soothing effect. The photos have been taken by Paul Cassidy, with Kattaca styling, modelled by Charlotte van der Sande and Pablo Perez Sanmartin directing the shoot. A particular interest to me is the architectural use in the fashion, but perhaps a firmer favourite theme within the images would be the use of this season's pastels.