11 January 2011

Key Colours of SS 2011

For Clothes and Fabrics of SS 2011 . . .

Celebration - A collection to summarise spring, with colours all named after flower - iris, viola, daffodil, poppy, geranium, etc. Features largely in floral prints.

Abstraction - This colour trend is for the loud and proud, with the clashing of the maroon and turquoise featuring in this set.

New Classics - Where the old develops into the new; the fabrics and styles are kept classics, but with a slight twist somehow. The colours are not too loud, just enough to startle.

Aqueous - This can be the most dangerous, as the mainly nautical tones can be interpreted lazily, and should not be applied to the designer's most basic designs. Instead it should be applied to 'floating' pieces of fabrics and to sheer clothing.

Perleage - Subtler colours - except for the dusty black - this pallet is all about sheen, luxurious and radiant colours to compliment the summer tan.

For Lingerie and Swimwear of SS 2011 . . .

This collection of colours shows an eclectic range of hues, some better suited for swimwear than the boudoir.

For Leather of SS 2011 . . .
Archaic Garden - A range of stony, mineral and fruity colours; faded, light and serious.
Underwater Variation - A range of blues and delving into aqua. Sea anemone pink is also featured, enhanced by the deep blues.
Tropical Dramaturgy - Solar, incandescent and spicy, with the yellow standing completely out from the crowd.

Enchanted Picnic - A set of slightly whitened neon colours and pastels over-brightened, to compete together for our attention, and then restrained by the white, grey and beige.

Shadowy Shares - A range tingled with vegetal colours, and then bathed in red.


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