31 March 2013

25.03.13 A Week In Fashion 31.03.13

   A little new feature to my blog. I see so much in the world of fashion design that I want to share with you that I would bombard you with information and far too many blog posts. So here's some of the best from the previous week in fashion, of which has caught my eye... Enjoy!!
1. FH by Fause Haten A/W13 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.
2. Prada presents Candy by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. Part 1, 2 and 3.
3. Juliana Jabour S/S14.
4. Gianni Molaro A/W13.
5. Delpozo A/W13 Lookbook.
6. Alexander Skarsgard for Bullet magazine.  HAPPY EASTER!!!

28 March 2013

Look What I Just Found... A Snippet of My Lifestyle

   Just sorting out a few of my files on my computer and stumbled across some of my work from about a year ago. I also realised that I don't post enough of my own work onto my blog and there is so much of my previous stuff I wish to share, but haven't. This needs to change!!! So here's a little peek into my world, and what I spend about 90% of my time doing! This was for my final major project, for my Foundation Design course last year. I was designing to enhance the female contours, empowering with strong, flattering prints. So here are my (rough) final designs.
 And a couple of prints that I designed and used in my garments, as well as a few others.
 Now here is where I think the magic begins; here is me pattern cutting from scratch, toiling my designs, doing fittings etc, etc...
And a few photos, seeing me, in the studio, working. Here I am fitting my printed lining (yes that's right, I hand printed both the outer and lining fabrics for my tailored-to-fit pieces) to one of my models.
    So I hope you liked a peek into my world! And I promise to share with you, a little more often, a peek into my world and my beloved work!!

23 March 2013

Lingerie Heaven on 187 Kings Road

   So, during fashion week this February, I received  word that Nichole de Carle's lingerie collection would be on sale at a new boutique opening. Now as some of you will know from reading this blog, I have a bit of an obsession with lingerie design, which has been mainly fuelled by de Carle's empowering pieces. Within design, I take a lot of inspiration from both the contours of the female form and architecture, much like de Carle's pieces, so it was no surprised that I just had to see them first hand, despite the fact I left my hotel in a rush with no address for the boutique! So I wondered up and down King's Road, Chelsea, until I came across Petits Bisous, a pure lingerie heaven at 187... So bellow are a few pieces from Nichole de Carle, of which I feel lucky enough to have see!
   I soon got talking to all the lovely shop assistants at the luxurious boutique, to find that it had only been open a few days before, and was looking forward to their grand launch party! I was then invited downstairs to the their secret boudoir, where customers can be treated to a glass of champagne and a personal shopping experience. The lingerie downstairs is far more sexy, yet still has an outstanding elegance and charm to it. The downstairs boudoir also reflects this mood, with darker, richer lighting and d├ęcor, while upstairs is the open, welcoming shop floor, with pure and feminine designs. 
    I am used to quality within clothing design, but I have to say the carefully picked collection held at this boutique was truly beautiful. I can not recommend a visit there enough! We all know the value of good quality underwear and how it can really be empowering . I find wearing a new set of underwear is almost like a dirty little secret, as it makes me feel great and everyone can see that, but no one truly knows why...
   Hopefully, I will be able to get a little more from the boutique soon & their opening event, as I really do feel I need to let you lovely readers know much more about it!!! But in the meantime, to find out more, check out their website