15 August 2016

7 Days to Healthy Snacking with Whitworths Shots

The Fear of Snacking...
   We all know that snacking can be detrimental to succeeding our fitness goals! But saying you'll give up snacking & actually doing it are two very different things. I think instead of demonising the concept of snacking, we need to look at what type of foods we're snacking on. For instance, eating at regular intervals during the day - like a snack in between meals - actually helps kick start the metabolism, boosts energy levels & can prevent further cravings. However it depends what you snack on - pick up that chocolate biscuit & your energy levels will soon crash, you're sweet tooth will not be satisfied & all the sugars done is given you a temporary boost before feeling peckish again.
How Snacking Can Boost the Metabolism, Increase Energy Efficiently & Keep us Motivated...
   I am a firm believer of snacking! Personally the idea of lasting between meals is fearful & if I tried to prevent myself whilst out & about, I would be more likely to give into naughty temptation. Now we know the benefits of snacking, it's important to know what type of healthy snacks can satisfy our needs during certain points of the day - for example to satisfy a sweet tooth, to fill you up between meals or for a much needed energy boost. And when is the ideal time to snack? I chose to snack three times a day, two snacks between meals to maintain energy & one snack at night to control my cravings! As for what snacks to chose from, here's a couple of suggestions...
6 am
Early breakfasts never last all morning - Try adding Date & Toasted Almond Shot
The dates within are a great source of copper, which helps towards the slow release of energy throughout the morning.
8 am
Your tummy is rumbling during your commute - Try Apricot & Seed Shot
Sometimes you need a boost in the morning, especially after an early start or during a long journey. The seeds in this pack are full of nutrients like protein, fibre, iron, vitamins & healthy fatty acids, to keep you awake & alert all morning.
11 am
You're craving a biscuit - Try a Fruity Biscuit Shot
This will satisfy the cravings in a controlled healthy way.
2 pm
It's not even mid afternoon, times dragging & you're already hungry - Try Cranberry & Almond Shot
The natural sugars will increase energy & make you more motivated, whilst the pack has high levels of fibre, to help you meet your daily target.
3 pm
The mid afternoon slump - Try Blueberry & Seed Shot
The vitamin C in the blueberries helps to absorb the iron in the seeds, to reduce tiredness & conquer the slump.
5 pm
Works over & you're too tired for the gym - Try Raisin & Chocolate Shot
This mixture contains iron, which helps to reduce fatigue & tiredness.
6 pm
You need refuelling post workout - Try Tropical Coconut Shot
With the nuts containing protein for your muscles & natural sugars in the fruit to replenish your energy.
7 pm
You've had dinner, but are craving dessert - Try Berry & White Chocolate Shot
The sweet fruit & chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst the antioxidants from the cranberries will help look after your heart after a busy day!
8 pm
You're watching a film, all you need is some popcorn - Try Toffee & Pecan Shot
Both sweet & crunchy, to help you avoid temptation in a portion controlled size.
You're working late on tomorrow's deadline - Try Orange & Chocolate Seed Shot
Studies have shown the aroma of an orange can sooth anxiety, whilst the natural sugars are energising.
Your 7 Day Snack Challenge
   This challenge aims to ease you into snacking healthier, by proving how tasty & easy it is. By replacing unhealthy snacks with Shots for 7 days, you'll begin to feel happier, healthier & more motivated to continue! So here's what you need to do...
1. Get your hands on 14 healthy snacks, like Whitworths' Shots or fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, seeds, even a boiled egg! Just aim to buy natural snacks, not 'weight loss' cereal bars etc. Use the guide above to judge what type of snacks will suit your lifestyle best.
2. Decide when is best to have your snacks 2 healthy snacks a day - I suggest in between meals. Prepare your snacks if you need to - for example premake pots of seeds, nuts & berries, boil your eggs etc.
3. Start craving something unhealthy, pull out your pre-prepared healthy option!
4. Stick to this for ONLY 7 DAYS! See how you feel after & if you're loving it, continue snacking healthily!
My 7 Day Snack Review
How effective was snacking healthily? 5/5 - I already snack healthily & love it. It keeps me full, energised & productive throughout the day & I always have something tasty to look forward to eating! People comment on how often I eat, but it's all about portion control, I have nutritionally compact meals & snack in between to boost energy & get the metabolism racing again.
Did it help combat fatigue? 4/5 - Sometimes you can be just too tired to conquer a slump, but the natural sugars in the fruit kept me going & definitely helped.
Did it keep my hunger at bay? 5/5 - Yes, by eating roughly every 3hrs, it crushes cravings & I never feel hungry.
Did it combat my sweat tooth? 4/5 - It's a hard thing to combat my sweet tooth, but by having a chocolatey Shot, it did prevent me reaching for cake or chocolate!
How effective was it for an active lifestyle? 4/5 - I go to the gym 5-6 times a week ideally, because I love it! The Shots were a great snack pre gym, giving you a boost in energy, without sitting heavy or making you bloated for your workout. Also good as a post gym snack, when you're super hungry! But personally, if you've pushed yourself, I'd recommend a high protein snack or shake instead.
Whitworths Shots Taste: 5/5 - Love them! Especially the chocolatey ones. They're great for portion control, the mix of flavours within one pack compliment each other very well & they're so practical, being already made up & easy to take with you out & about.
My Favourite Shot: Berry & White Chocolate
My Favourite Healthy Snack: Peanut butter & banana - 30mins before exercise, to boost my energy. The banana's carbs, natural sugars & calories give me a burst of energy, whilst there is protein in the peanut butter. Plus I am now a peanut butter addict...
Will I continue healthy snacking because... YES! It has definitely made eating healthy & clean throughout the day so much easier long term. The Shots especially show you how tasty & easy healthy snacking can be.

High Protein Shots Energy Balls
One of my favourite recipes for a high protein, post workout snack!
3-4 Whitworths Shots of your choosing
95g Oats
85g Honey
1-2 Scoops Protein Powder of your choosing
1. Microwave the honey for 30 seconds each go, until it becomes slightly runnier.
2. Meanwhile, mix the oats, protein powder & shots in a bowl.
3. slowly add the dry mixture to the honey, stirring, till the mixture is covered by the honey.
4. Form into 16 balls & place in the fridge for 3 hrs to firm. And they're ready to eat!

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