19 September 2013

London Fashion Week SS14 'Frow' Giveaway!!

 Want your chance to grab a piece of the LFW magic? Well now you can, as I am giving away an official LFW SS14 front row goody bag to one lucky reader. And guess what, it's FULL of cosmetics, magazines and vouchers from fashion week, from the likes of Label.M, The Body Shop and Coast.
To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow these simple steps by 26th OCTOBER 2013...

1. Follow me on Bloglovin http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1900440

Then just leave me a comment bellow with your name, email (and blog if you have it too) and I will email the lucky winner (and advertise their blog too). Good Luck!!! :)

18 September 2013

LFW Day 5 SS14

   So as LFW comes to an end (sorry it's a day late) as does my video blogs (for now). Let me know what you think of them! It was only meant as a temporary thing while I did not have photoshop, but if you liked it (ignore the bad quality, my normal laptop has a better quality webcam!) then let me know. But for now enjoy LFW day 5.
And here are a few photos from the day!
 I only have one ticket to show you for today, as the others were posted, sorry :/
For more on London Fashion Week, stay tuned. Soon to be posted . . . My Photos From LFW . . . LFW Street Style for AW13 . . . AND LFW Competition!!!

17 September 2013

LFW Day 4 SS14

   Day for of LFW, and it's almost coming to a close. Today may have been one of my favourite days yet, and this is why...
My outfit for the day (see my lookbook for info!)
 And here I am on La Redoute 
 Some of my invites for today... I don't know about you, but I always like checking out show invites, some of them are stunning, e.g. Mulberry SS14.
 And some of my photos from the day, more to come in the near future!!!

15 September 2013

LFW Day3 SS14

Day 3 at LFW, slightly quieter (be it the rain or the fact that it was Sunday) but there was certainly no lack of talent. Check out all the updates bellow...
What I wore today, underneath the coat that protected me from ALL that rain!!! Find out where it all came from on my Lookbook!
 Some of today's invites; I love how creative some invites are. Talking about creative, did anyone see the Mulberry invites? If not, Google NOW!!!
And finally some of my photos, more to be uploaded soon!

LFW SS14 Day 2

   So it is the second day of LFW, and I am already exhausted!!! But it has been worth it, as this season the designers have really raised the bar. Check out what I have been up to bellow, and stay tuned for more detailed photo reports of shows.
A few (unedited) photos from day 2.
And a few of my tickets.
On day 2 I wore one of my favourite printed backless dress from the H&M Conscious collection. See the full details on my lookbook!!

14 September 2013

LFW SS14 Day 1 - Photos, Video Blog & More

   So the first day of LFW SS14 has been & gone, and it was truly amazing. Been to some fantastic shows in some beautiful locations, had some great opportunities given to me today and been to several exhibits. But why am I telling you here, watch the video bellow to get all the details. More photos from the shows etc to come after LFW when I get my old laptop back so stay tuned!
A few raw & unedited photos from LFW Day 1
And some of the tickets today...
And finally my lookbook today (not edited yet) PLEASE HYPE :)

12 September 2013

LFW TOMORROW! Also Video Blogpost

   As you all know, London Fashion Week is tomorrow!!! YAY! And I am as excited as a kid at xmas. So I have all my invites, business cards and planner ready, all that is left is deciding what to wear. So this season, I will be posting every day (if I am not exhausted) about the days round up, however my laptop has broken so I have no editing softwear, so I will be video blogging (cringe) until I get my laptop back & I can share all my photos with you. So enjoy!
My business cards
 The planner I made for LFW.
 And tomorrow's tickets.

NYFW SS14 Street Style Trends

Pink, Fluffy & Retro
   I have seen a lot in Topshop recently which echos the all-American-sweetheart, but I think SS14 will be the time that the retro girly girl really shines through. Think Clueless's Cher, but even more pink and fluffy!

The Circular Midi Skirt
   I have had mine waiting in the wardrobe for about a year and a bit, brought from a vintage store for just £2, I just couldn't resist the rich floral print! My advice, head to a vintage store, pick up a full, mid length floral skirt and team with a cute top. Wear the top off the shoulders with red lips for an added bit of va-va-voom to this otherwise ladylike style.

The Lace / Net Skirt
   Ok, so when is sheer never big?? Seriously! This New York Fashion Week sees the next big thing for sheer, the lace/netter skirt warn over or under mini skirts/dresses or over-sized tops. This look can either add a cheeky touch of elegance to a mini skirt or inject some femininity into the laid back baggy-T style.

The Bow, The Turban & The Veiled Hat
   Ever since fashion week of AW13, the beanie has been making a come back, but this time with a veil. And not to be outdone the turban makes a re-appearance to accompany the craze for thrift shop fashion, while the bow neatly complements the ladylike vibe this SS14.

The Black & White Clash
   Another thing I have noticed this season was that strong clashing (or overly matching) prints were hitting the street hard, specifically a black and white miss match, with emphasis on stripes. Maybe it is the dramatic contrast or out love of pattern, but this trend is definitely one to watch.

The New Hair Florals
   If you haven't noticed this summer has been alive with florals, ever since Lana Del Ray sported a floral crown. Well you'll be happy to hear the trend is now evolving into something more elegant to marry with the ladylike trends. This SS14 we see little flowers daintily positioned in perfect up-dos. And then you get Lady Gaga (LOVE HER!!!!) who takes it to new lengths, yet again pushing the fashion limits, encouraging our more adventurous side.
Want to see more? Then why not check out my Pinterest page of inspiration for the Style of SS14 Fashion Week

10 September 2013

Competition - Want Your Chance To Show At London Fashion Week?

   So New York Fashion Week is well underway, and I am already prepping for London's. Recently I have begun marveling at all the different companies that help launch young designers, as I have more and more invites from their showcases pouring in. One of the companies include FAD - a creative charity that helps to launch new designers into the industry, as well as running fashion courses for younger hopefuls and giving back to the community. 
   This season at LFW, I will be attending FAD's fashion show, which will showcase 20 young graduates, followed by an after show reception. 
Want this to be you showing at LFW?
   Well this could be your chance to win £1000 plus the chance to showcase your work to press and industry professionals. If you are a 2nd/3rd year BA or MA student studying fashion, all you have to do is design a collection of two outfits under the heading of Multisensory, by the 20th November 2013. 
To find out more about the brief and how to enter the competition, please go to 
And finally, here is a little video from last season's FAD show, behind the scenes and talking to the successful designers.

6 September 2013


   Now I know people are divided about Robert Pattinson, but this short fashion film is beautiful. Just take a watch before deciding any judgement...
   Now admit it. Who can deny him in Dior? Dressed like a gentleman and living a carefree life of romanticism. It may be the suits or the director Romain Gavras' story, but I am pretty sure in 1:46, Dior has captured the romantic fantasy of most women out there.  My personal favourite is the snowy rooftop of New York scene. But ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes of a Dior shoot, well now you can find out...

And once again, we say well done to Dior.

4 September 2013

A Bugs Life

   So, I have been busy a lot lately. Ok partly because it's summer, a time for me to catch up with friends and take a holiday. But I have also been cramming in my summer projects for uni. And even when I am visiting the boyf, I get my work out and start doodling (as you see bellow). And look, he even has a lamp like the little pixar one!!!
   So my current project is on insects and bugs. Why? Because despite their creepy, crawly first appearance, their intricate detail is really something to be marveled at. So I will be looking at their silhouettes and shapes, followed by textures and prints, all to help develop some great designs. So here are a few pages from my sketchbook. I have also been using Pinterest to gather online photos, where you can check it out here http://pinterest.com/sallylouisep/bugsinsects/
And here's a sneak peak at some of my initial designs.
I will probably be posting up more from this project pretty soon, so stay tuned to see the development :)