31 December 2011

Time to Celebrate 2011 in Style

Exotic Fruits. Floral Prints. Gucci Colours. Royal Wedding. Sarah Burton. Lady Gaga. Blue Hair. Alexander McQueen. Savage Beauty. Colour Clashes. Michelle Obama. Versace for H&M. Kanye West. Beyonce’s Bump. Erdem Shoes. Erdem Print. Erdem SS. Prada Stripes. Kate Moss. Wedding 2. Dior Dress. Exotic Trends. Katy Perry. Candy Colours. Galliano’s Fall. Galliano’s Rise. Pink Poodle. Emma Watson. Gaga at Mugler. Gaga in Egg. Nicki Minaj. Jessie J. Prada Glasses. Fashion Shows. Colourful Rihanna. 50’s Ladylike.
So what was YOUR fashion highlight of 2011?

25 December 2011

Im Dreaming of a White Christmas . . .

Just to wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! And - as I did last year - I've decided to share with you a Gaga Christmas song, as my blogs title is after all inspired by the fashion icon herself. So enjoy . . . xx

21 December 2011

And now theres talk of MARNI FOR H&M!!!

H&M has done many collaborations with designers, making their designs more affordable to everyone. Perhaps this was why the latest collaboration of Versace for H&M sold out so quickly, and was in such high demand! I am upset to say that I was one of the unfortunates who was unable to purchase anything after the initial rush (personally I had my eye on the bright pink mini skirt with the yellow centered print). So it is no surprise that the next designer willing to collaborate with this ever growing high street brand has already been lined up. Marni's collection will be available from H&M from March 2012.

8 December 2011

Backstage Alexander McQueen SS12

Yes, this may be the most hyped show on my blog. It is no hidden secret that I admire Alexander McQueen's work before, and now its truly amazing to see Sarah Burton really live up to McQueen's legacy. It was love at first sight. So here is (my third) blog post on this exquisite collection.

6 December 2011

Can underwear get any more girly??

I have just realised how girly girly the Victoria's Secrets 2011 show is. Its almost like a grown up women's fairytale fantasy. I really admire the great effort and drama put into their shows, all built around some quite classic pieces of underwear, which is transformed to tell a new tale.

3 December 2011

Who dares to bare (all in some cases!!!)

The Risque Factor. Did it develop in the 70's, when Westwood created the punk movement, which rebelled against the norm & aimed to shock. Or could it of started in the 30's - for instance, the scene in the 1934 film 'It Happened One Night', where the sight of a little leg was a big shock factor. Or was it even earlier, dating back to when corsetry was created. All I know is that it has made a big, and rather IN YOUR FACE comeback within 2011, starting with the sheer maxi dress in SS11. Now stretching to sheer, and somewhat see-through blouses. Although this is VERY shocking to see on the street, instead of on a catwalk or in the pages of Vogue, isn't it really just a celebration of femininity? And I must admit, I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to sport my D cups on the streets of England (without a bra) underneath a sheer blouse. There is also a very fine line between sheer femininity and trashy slut. So watch out and stick to feminine shades, loose flowing cuts and delicate fabrics. After all if the women in the photo bellow can walk around with the dangerously low cut top and not look tacky, there must be a certain way people can pull it off. But the real question is, is this growing trend one of sheer fabrics or stand out confidence?

2 December 2011

Contour & Line for Harper's Brazil

What caught my attention in this shoot? It was the contours, lines and cut used within the garments that creates new illusions of the body, making the wearer either appear slimmer, taller, curvier . . . It is interesting how just a couple of lines can play such a magical trick on the eye and helps to enhance our features. The striking photos have been taken for Harper's Bazaar Brazil, November 2011 edition, photographed by Zee Nunes, using model Shirley Mallmann and styling of Renata Correa.