20 October 2011

Dress in the making . . .

FINALLY i have uploaded something substantial onto my other blog, dedicated to my own designs and dress-making. To take a look at some of the new pictures of the pattern I made tonight for my most recent design, click on the link bellow, and please show your support for my new-ish blog by FOLLOWING :)

13 October 2011

Isn't it odd how one moment in time can change everything??

When I started this blog, I knew that it would be dedicated to fashion, and fashion only. It was never meant to be a personal blog full of feelings and emotions, where I'd share my life's stories with everyone. However events can change everything. I'm not looking for sympathy or attention. I merely want this to be remembrance, a tribute. Something to ensure the memories are never lost from the world. My beautiful cat above, Missy, shortly passed away. And I juts want this post to be something special to remember her by. A one off tribute to her. Where I can tell the world how much I loved and cared for her. How I would of done anything for her, would of done anything to let it of been me not her. I also want this post to be there, to let Missy know that I will never forget her, for as long as I live. To wish her happiness and peacefulness wherever she may be now. And to ask whoever is out there to look after her, and to pay her as much love and care as I once did. I love you Missy and I will NEVER ever forget about you . . . <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12 October 2011

Alexander McQueen SS12 Backstage

Thought you may all like a peek behind Alexander McQueen's exciting SS12 collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week recently. Once again, this collection just proves how far ahead this label is with fashion innovation. Its beautiful, yet controversial at the same time. A really credit to Sarah Burton and a great dedication to McQueen himself!

5 October 2011

My Torn Dress by Sally Louise Paine (me!)

This is a quick dress I made for one of my Art Foundation projects, based on the word 'Torn' and the letter 'T', using inspiration from different types of tears in fashion - for example 70's punk ripped tops & the more recent trend of raw edges. I have used a method called gold card printing & a press to create the 'T' print at the hem of the contoured cotton dress. I have also used chiffon to create a loose fitting long dress underneath. The hems and edges have all been left raw to reflect the word. I have also used welding and pliers to join & bend a metal 'T' link chain at the back of the dress. So I hope you like my dress & photography, and let me know what you all think . . .

4 October 2011

70’s Sophistication on Location

Since the Milan runway, where Gucci presented their fall collection, it has been captured in a dedicated editorial for Interview Magazine, using the same other-worldly vibes as in Gucci's own ad campaigns. In this series of photos, 70's sophistication has been taken on location. Photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott have captured power, confidence and seduction within these stand out images.

3 October 2011

Blocked Coloured Crop

Ok, ok, so I know it's not summer any more! However I made this unusual crop this spring for a design project entitled 'Explorations&Discoveries'. It was inspired by all things tropical, warm summer colours and the colour blocking used by Marc Jacobs in his SS11 collection. Hope you like it!!! For more on this project please go to