28 June 2011

MY OWN CREATION - The Structured Dress

Part of one of my A-Level textiles projects. My project began the starting point 'Shopping Trolley'. This i developed upon, looking at other metal structures in both architecture and fashion. This then inspired me to make the hooped wooden skirt underneath the dress. I also went from shopping trolleys - to shopaholic - to compulsion - to gambling in Vegas. This then found me gathering inspiration from the playing cards (which I later used the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs shapes to sew on/cut out over 300 applique shapes & wholes on my dress). The rich colours of the purple and red band on the waist were inspired by the wealth in Vegas. If you want to see more photos of this dress, and more on the making then keep your eyes peeled to my other blog (secrets of a dressmaker) where I will soon be posting, plus you will soon be able to find more of my creations/designs. Let me know your views on the above!!

21 June 2011

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The new range from Etam Lingerie. I absolutely love pretty, vintage inspired underwear, and really wish I had enough money to buy underwear such as this. I especially like the frilly high-waisted pants and bowed bra in the fourth picture! They are just SO feminine.

Alexander McQueen Tribute

A set of photographs were recently taken as a tribute to Alexander McQueen's lifetime of work, for US Vogue. Steven Meisel was commissioned to capture McQueen's most innovative pieces, to preview the upcoming 'Savage Beauty' exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, starting on the 4th June. If you like these images, I would definitely recommend going to see the real things at the Met, as when I saw one of his past pieces 'in the flesh', it was absolutely breath taking, and it really made me realise just how much attention to detail McQueen would put into his designs. However if the museum is too much of a journey, then the 'Savage Beauty' book is also available to buy, featuring photos from the exhibition.

20 June 2011

London College of Fashion Show

The graduates work at London College of Fashion was recently photographed by James Finnigan, after being commissioned to capture the student's collection in a more 'glossy magazine' way, rather than the usual fashion show photography. So keep your eyes peeled for these new designers, that may soon be hitting fashion weeks around the world, and best luck to all of them! From top left to bottom right, garments designed & made by: Angela Brandys; Charlotte Lucy Barry (x2); Yeashin Kim; Jaeho Choi; Angela Brandys (x3); Stine Riis; Mengyi Hu; Stine Riis; Sean McGirr.

Lady Gaga's latest showcasing of fashion on The Paul O'Grady Show

Last Friday sore The Paul O'Grady Show dedicated to mother monster herself, Lady Gaga. Personally I absolutely ADORE her experimental, powerful and unique style, and equally her hair styles and colours too - or lack of it in this case. The show opened with a performance of Gaga's single 'Hair', where she sat playing the song bald, while gazing up towards her statement wig of the evening. This performance's imagery definitely enhanced the meaning of what the song is really about, which in Gaga's own words state 'I just want to be free, I just want to be me . . . I don't want to change, And I don't want to be ashamed'. And well, the rest of the evening's outfits definitely met the same bar for iconic impact!

14 June 2011

Harper's Bazaar en Espanol May 2011

I had to share with you this Harper's Bazaar editorial in the Spanish May 2011 edition. I just love the vibrant colours, sharp silhouettes and clashing prints throughout. Enjoy!

Alex Perry SS11

Bright colour blocking. Check. Sheer maxi skirts. Check. White lace. Check. Minimalistic. Check. Oriental florals. Check. Check. Check! This Alex Perry collection has it ALL for this SS11. And was recently shown in Australia Fashion Week.

For more on AFW go to http://www.fashionising.com/fashionweek/australian-fashion-week.php