30 January 2013

It's A Growing Lingerie Obsession

   By now, you may or may not have realised my growing obsession with lingerie. I have always been inspired by contour design, but recently I have found my fascination to be with how underwear can shape & empower it's wearer. One of my first projects at uni this year was to create a timeline of classic design pieces, since the 20th century, so naturally I chose to explore the history of underwear (as seen from my work bellow). I think my favourite pieces have to be the 1930's heavily contoured shapewear and the 40's-50's glamorous pin-up style, but what's your favourite?

26 January 2013

I Really, Really, Really, Wanna Zigazig Ha.....

   Now, some of the perks of being a uni student is indeed all the themed events that are organised for you. Some may argue that a student loan comes in useful (especially for shopping) but I can assure you that my latest purchase of Jeffrey Campbell's where brought with my hard earned cash from my summer job working as a specialist for DKNY handbags. So, the most recent BIG event was a party celebrating the decade of my birth - the 90's! Now I am personally such a 90's kid, although to be honest with you, I adore any vintage fashion and love how the vibes differ between the decades. But for me the 90's were all about a celebration of youth; I grew up with programs like Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, while the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child were the soundtracks of my youth. Basically, what I am saying, is that it was nice to relive the 90's for one night - along with my Jeffery Campbell's, white tight T and denim shorts. Enjoy the pics!

8 January 2013

Fashion Design Research - I Need You!

So, Im doing a design project for jeans this term & I'd love to know what you expect from your jeans & how you want them to flatter you. It would be great if you could just answer the few multiple choice questions bellow, as this research will really help me when designing. Thank you, and PLEASE answer these ♥ xxx
 A good pair of jeans could have the same effect as a good corset, they can pull you in and flatter your curves, but what do you expect from jeans? My jeans designs will be similar to shape-wear (but fashionable) – so I want to know what you would love from a pair of good fitting jeans. The are 6 questions in total - SCROLL DOWN to read, and answer in a comment eg - 1.a; 2.b; 3.b
Q1. Would you like your jeans high-waisted, so they could enhance the waist and nip it in?
A) yes      B) No, but I like the high-waisted design       C) No

Q2. Would you like your jeans to elongate your legs?
A) Yes      B) No

Q3. Would you like your jeans to pull in & shape your body?
A) Yes, my bum      B) Yes, my waist      C) Yes, my thighs      D) Yes, to all those things      E) No

Q4. Do you want your bum to be lifted & enhanced (in a flattering way) by a pair of jeans?
A) Yes      B) No

Q5. Would you prefer your legs to be straight up & down - like a catwalk model's or have a feminine curve to them - more like lingerie model's?
A) Skinny, straight up & down like a catwalk model's      B) A slight curve like lingerie model's or Beyonce's 

Q6. What do you find flatters your figure when it comes to jeans? (for example colours, fades, types of jeans....)

Thank you for your time & help!!!! xx

5 January 2013

My 2012 in Faces - What Girls Do When They're Bored.

   Come on, we can all admit to it. Your sitting at your laptop, procrastinating over some work you have to do, so instead you decide to open up your webcam and either a) pull seriously weird faces at yourself in hope of some entertainment or b) pose your heart out as no one else is around to judge. Anyway just flicking through my memories from last year when I realised just how weird all these pics looked collaborated into one. Now answer me this, why do us girls continue to do this? Major procrastination. And oh, what an unfortunate photo the video decide to pick as an opening slide!

The Style of Twenty Twelve by Tommy Ton

   I have already blogged about Tommy's work recently in my SS13 street style post ( http://dressme-imyourmannequin.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/50-photos-from-ss13-fashion-weeks.html ) but I love his work so much, that I just had to blog again! So here is a collection of his 2013 street style photos - the one above being my absolute favourite with her colour coordinated eyelashes - cute and yet vibrant! Also am a big fan of the look bellow, tattoos and a clean cut outfit - hot!
BIG TREND FOR 2013 - Chrome sunglasses - buy now!!!