31 March 2014

Anna Dello Russo by Lula

   How have I never visited Anna Dello Russo's website before? I found myself there recently by accident, and my oh my isn't it just a feast for the eyes! Not only does it include snipits from Vogue, but also anything & everything that is a cultural influence to here. It's like a Trendland purely for fashion. I also found these great gif image collages, created by Lula. A fun, inspiring way to show off such great style. I love them!

25 March 2014

Photo Diary : Time for a Catch Up

Dear readers,
   Sorry for my absence over the last few months, once again university has been pushing me to my limits! In the last 10 weeks I have had 4 project deadlines! But I have now rested & recovered & am hoping to re-vamp my blog by filling it with all the work I have been up to over the last 3 months. So thanks for sticking with me, and here's an update of my year so far!
   My New Year, spent with some of my closest friends, in the most glistening dress I owned, sipping free glasses of Champagne in Winchester. Followed by a Harry Potterthon the morning after ;)
   I also started back at uni, for the second term of my second year, completely oblivious to how much work laid ahead of me! Oh & my boyfriend brought me some of my favourite flowers to start the year off... before he left for a months work in America :(
So I got stuck into my Knitwear project work...

    And after 1 research book, 22 pages of knit samples, 30 pages of rough designs, 6 prints, 35 CAD flats, 10 final outfits, 35 final designs, a colourboard, moodboard, a customer profile, a presentation & finally a hand knitted full length dress (pattern created by myself)... I had finished the project!
   I had completed it just in time! The sun had come out & my boyfriend was coming back...
   ...with lots of American goodies! :3
   On Valentines day, we stayed in a cosy Newquay apartment for a few days, which sat right on a stunning private beach.
   My tailoring project, inspired by a nostalgic type of romance for Jil Sander, had me produce the most amount of work in the shortest amount of time. I had under 4 weeks to produce over 100 rough designs, a 6 pieces collection, a colour palette, CAD flats, a moodboard, illustrations, a sketchbook, a branding boards AND a tailored jacket. And then I slept!!!
   I will be posting my projects in more detail soon, so stay tuned, as they will be up as soon as I have done some photoshoots.
If anyone would like to be involved in a photoshoot, then please do message me, I will be happy for any help of any kind. :) But for now, stay tuned to see more!