30 September 2016

How to Keep it Clean with Your Protein

   We have all done away with dieting - and if you haven't yet, what are you waiting for - to favour one new rule, JUST EAT CLEAN. And why not? We are no longer restricting ourselves from necessary food groups such as carbs or dairy, we are eating more natural versions of our old favourites & we are feeling healthier, happier & more motivated than ever to continue. But this is where most people come unstuck - how do we know what supplements are right for us? It can be hard to navigate through the list of ingredients to know whether the health food company is actually selling us something we need. My advise - it really depends on you as an individual & your training needs. High carb protein bars are great for those really pushing their limits, increasing their muscle mass & need a little more fuel, pre workout supplements are useful to increase energy & concentration for a particularly challenging workout, whilst hemp protein is a great way to increase your intake of protein, without adding much else to your diet.

What Makes Hemp Protein Unique?
   I have recently discovered the wonder of Good Hemp Pure Protein powder & what I love about it is that it is truly 100% natural, which helps me reach my protein goals easily without worrying about what else I am putting into my body. In comparison with other protein (such as whey or soy) Good Hemp Protein is grown & produced naturally, with no additives, preservatives or any other ingredients added, so it really is a protein as clean as your diet!
   Now lets talk nutrition. With 75% protein in 100g of Good Hemp Protein, it is also one of the only plant based proteins to be complete, containing all 20 amino acids - including the 9 essential amino acids of which our bodies can not produce. The protein is also high in dietary fibre, making it easily digestible with less chances of bloating & is a source of Omega 3, 6 & 9, for a healthy immune system, increased brain function, radiant skin & many other health benefits! And if that was not enough, it also contains iron & zinc, whilst being low in saturated fats & sugars.
   Still no convinced? It may all sound too good to be true, but the process of the Good Hemp products are 100% traceable. The hemp is grown in Devon, where the whole plant is used for oil, fabric & even building materials. As well as being entirely useful, hemp is additionally one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly crops, absorbing more CO2 per square meter than a square meter of forest. When grown, the seed is cold pressed (to preserve all it's nutrients) to extract the oil & the remaining protein & fibre is finely milled to produce the protein powder - with no additional ingredients!

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake
   It wasn't until I started recording my macros that I realised how little protein I was eating & how easy it was to increase my intake. Your protein intake will depend on your weight, your goal weight & your physical activity - there are some great protein calculators available online such as on Bodybuilding.com. Protein is important for muscle repair & growth, as well as a source of energy, so it is vital to reach your intake in order to achieve your goals. A great thing about Hemp Protein is it's neutral flavour, so it can easily be added to meals - with that said here are 5 easy ways to add more protein into your daily diet...
1. Overnight Oats Breakfast
Average Protein Intake per Portion 31g
150ml Coconut Milk + 60g Oats + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + Apple & Cinnamon to Serve
Mix together the oats, protein & milk, then leave overnight. Add apple & cinnamon to serve.
2. Carrot, Walnut & Red Lentil Hummus with Lunch
Average Protein Intake per Portion 26g
1/2 Carrot + 25g Red Lentils + 12g Walnuts + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 1/4 Cup Water + Seasoning (for full recipe click on photo)
3. Banana Pancakes Pre Workout
Average Protein Intake per Portion 35g
1 Banana + 2 Eggs + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 1tbsp Honey & Cinnamon to Serve
Heat & mash the banana. Whisk in the two eggs & stir in the protein. If more liquid is needed add an egg white. Fry the pancakes & serve with honey & cinnamon.
4. Peanut Butter & Fruit Yogurt post Workout
Average Protein Intake per Portion 42g
150g High Protein Icelandic or Greek Yogurt (such as Skyr or Fage Total 0%) + 30g Hemp Protein Powder + 25g Bluberries + 1tbsp Peanut Butter + 15g Ganola
5. Healthy Protein Brownies Late Night Treat
Average Protein Intake per Portion 17g
3 Bananas + 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter + 1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder + 60g Hemp Protein Powder + 30g Dark Chocolate Chips on top = 1 batch (for full recipe click on photo)
Good Hemp Pure Protein Honest Review
The Taste: Despite common belief, not all plant based proteins taste bad! This particular one has quite a plain taste, making it perfect to stir into things, to easily add protein to your meals & snacks.
The Nutrition: A fantastic product for all clean eaters - naturally grown & produced with nothing added to embellish the product. It is a nutritionally dense product naturally, so there would be no need to add to it. I particularly favour how high it is in protein & how low it is in sugars & fat, meaning I can easily use it to increase my protein intake without overloading on other macros by accident.
Is it For Me?: It is ideal if you wish to increase your protein intake easily, whilst keeping to a strict clean diet, plus it's sustainability is a great selling point too. I will certainly continue to use it to mix into meals to easily boost my protein.
My Rating: 5/5 - I have nothing bad to say! It is a clean, simple, honest product that offers a great quality protein. It may not be flavoured, but that means it can be easily added to food & no artificial flavours have been added, which is an overall plus! I would definitely recommend trying it!
Good Hemp Pure Protein is available for purchase at www.goodhempfood.com