1 January 2017

New Year. New Beginings...

   I started this blog over 6 years ago, with the hope that it would share my work with the world! Well a lot has happened in 6 and a bit years... my biggest dream was to become a fashion designer & I worked my butt off to achieve my best. I would not change my experiences for the world, but as time goes by, people change. I have changed. I no longer have the same dream - don't get me wrong, I still love designing, creating & sewing! But I also have other interests.
   And with that, I decided that it was about time to update my blog, to reflect me better; I am no longer purely fashion & I wanted to share that with all my loyal followers! So over the past 6 months, I have been secretly redesigning my blog. It may have a different name, but it's still the same blog at heart, just better!
   So with much sadness, this will be my last post on Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin. I thank you all with all my heart for your support along the way! And hope that you will follow me to my new & improved blog - Pin & Trim. It is a hive of all things fitness, fashion & food - a feel good blog there to inspire & motivate you. I can still be found on the same social media though. So please do stop by & have a nosey - pinandtrim.blogspot.com

All the best for the New Year,
Sally x

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