6 October 2014

5 Adorably Girly Beauty Products with the Cutest Packaging

   Whether it be a treat for yourself or a gift for someone else, these adorable beauty products are just as sweet on the inside, where the quality is still of vital importance, but the packaging is just the cherry on top! They can be a perfect desk-topper & are 100% Instagram ready, so here's my top 5 Adorable Beauty Products for Fall 2014...
Continuing with their cutesy mantra, Etude House brings you 'Missing You' hand creams. They are both moisturising & adorable, packed with a light fruity scent, to keep your hands beautifully soft this winter.
Available at http://sokoglam.com/collections/hair-body/products/missing-you-i-can-fly-hand-cream
With Fall comes the new collection of Paul & Joe Lipstick Cases, featuring 5 new print designs & prints from the Paul & Joe archives.
Available at http://www.b-glowing.com/lipstick-case-cs-fall-2014/

With the help of tomato extract, this brightening mask will revitalize & hydrate your skin. You can wither use it as a facial mask or a refreshing cream.
Available at http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=32482093&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS#/
Scented, hydrating & adds a tint of colour to fall's lips, this winter lip balm also comes with it's own super cute bunny persona - with different facial expressions to collect!
Available at http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=30140214&parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS&color=002#/
A nourishing lip balm in disguise as a tasty macaron. It will keep your lips soft & hydrated, with a weightless texture & added Vitamin E, leaving a subtle sheen & a soft flavour on your lips.
Available at http://www.dermstore.com/product_Lip+Macaron+-+Sorbet_36890.htm

3 October 2014

Sushi, Pugs & Hand Weaving - My Instaweeks

From a gift from my man to a romantic getaway, starting back for the third & final year of university, to creating my own fabric; here is my last couple of busy weeks in pictures. Click them to discover more!
Iridescent Sports Top - Topshop
Jersey Trousers with Gold Zip Detailing - New Look
Scallop Hem Salmon Crop Top - Topshop
Purple Floral Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
My hand woven fabric above. This small A5 sample took over 4hours of weaving & splitting the wool to create an amazingly fluffy material with extreme warmth & volume to it. Keep an eye out for more of my work soon!
For more of my looks, please check out my Lookbook http://lookbook.nu/dressmeimurmannequin

26 September 2014


Want to be in with the chance of winning one of the make up brands used, sponsored & given away in frow goody bags during LFW? Well now you can!!
Win an official The Body Shop LFW eye colour palette by simply following on instagram!!!
 Then leave your name & preferred contact in a comment bellow & I will contact the lucky lucky winner. Good Luck!

24 September 2014

Pre Raphaelite Florals

   You may have noticed, but fashion has recently taken a liking to historic references, what with Dolce & Gabbana's previous SS14 collection inspired by the Greeks & this SS15's love of the elongated cape. Perhaps this is a response to our love of historical drama's such as Game of Thrones & films like Pompeii, but designers are certainly basking in their visual inspirations. Recently I have noticed a shift towards the re-Raphaelites, embracing the beauty of women & the romantic notion of flowers. Look out for beautiful oil-painted floral prints & hues that are soft, warm & feminine for the look. If you want a hint of where to start looking, check out Topshop's floral crop!
And here is what inspired me to write this post... my beautiful new printed trousers, in my favourite colour!
White Lace Jacket - H&M
Dusky Pink Scallop Hem Crop Top - Topshop
Purple Floral Printed Trousers - Dorothy Perkins

16 September 2014

Because Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!

   Just  quick post, while I am catching up with NYFW. Did anyone see the Jenny Packham SS15 show? She has had a fantastic year - from dressing Kate Middleton to winning design awards. It was a stunning show, all centred around one glamorous muse. I'll give you a clue - I wanna be loved by you, just you, nobody else but you... Haven't guessed? Well watch her show bellow & you soon will! 

14 September 2014

My Instaweek

   As I bring my blog back to life, I introduce 'My Instaweek' - a weekly(ish) photo round up of everything I have been up to, although I must admit now, there will be a lot of design related pics. Anyway hope you enjoy the nosey into my life & work... this week has mainly comprised of deliveries of exciting fabric samples & furry friends.
   Oh and P.S... Some are videos, so click them to play!!!
All images from my Instagram!

11 September 2014

WIN: Want a Chance to be at London Fashion Week SS15?!

   As a sorry for my absence over the last few months (due to uni work) I have brought to you an AMAZING PRIZE give-away. You could be in with the chance to go to London Fashion Week to see the SS15 collections before anybody else! I have a couple of tickets to give away between 13th-16th September, SO ACT SNAPPY!
All you have to do is follow these few simple steps to enter...
1. Please follow my blog on the right hand side.
2. Like my page on Facebook Click to like
3. Follow on Instagram Click to follow
4. FINALLY comment on this post leaving your name & a way I can contact you incase you win!!! (For example email.)

And remember, enter before 16th September as that is the last day of LFW & the last ticket's date. Good luck!!!

16 April 2014

Black & White Sunset on the Pier

   So I'm back down to Falmouth, 3rd term, 2nd year. I spent the past month doing photoshoots for my previous design work, of which I hope to publish soon! But for now, third term could not have started better, with the sun shining bright & the beach only a few minutes walk away! My black & white dress is  a favourite of mine at the moment, it's bold, fitted & backless, but best of all is the quality & cut of the garment for the reasonable price of £30!!! Thank you Zara.
Trench Coat Peacocks £25
Black & White Striped Dress Zara £30
Leather Boots Office £50
Sunglasses Topshop £16
Remember you can find me on Lookbook, so click here to hype if you like!!

10 April 2014

The Truth Behind Real Style

   So recently I was asked to share what my favourite style tip was, part of La Redoute's campaign 'The Secret To French Style' -showcasing their chief stylists' seven most valuable tips for effortless elegance & a Parisian style - and it really got me thinking. I found it hard to summarise style with one short sentence, it is far more individual than that. So I questioned what style really means to me as an individual & how I could share my tips among every women. So here are my top 3 style tips, straight from my heart & with a designers perspective...

1. A winter's coat is an investment. 
Be it a staple timeless coat, or an annual statement treat, the coat should be an investment, a quality piece. Why? Because it can convert any summer's dress instantly into a winter's outfit. Team it with this years gloves & hat & you're all set! Personally I can not live without my trench coat! It goes with every dress I own. Roll sleeves up & leave open for an autumn look & tie it to keep you warm in the winter months. 
2. Trends are there to inspire, not to be followed. 
INDUSTRY SECRET HERE... Designers are not designing to follow predicted trends, nor do they design to create a trend that interlinks with other designers, they design around a concept that truly inspires them, an idea that they believe will have a powerful impact on their audience too. So my top tip is find YOUR style & find out what suits you & your personality. My style revolves around girly dresses, in particular one's in the style of Dior's 1950's New Look. I also love print, texture, feminine colours & sparkle!! And for example I know that trends such as layering or oversized dresses often do not flatter my figure, but they would look amazing on a tall, slender frame. Trends however are there to inspire you that particular season, so make them work around you, not the other way! You will look far more stylish in something that flatters you, that you know you look great in, rather than the latest couture trend that could do the exact opposite! Unless your Anna Dello Russo that is, who seems to be able to pull off anything!

3. This is my most powerful tip. Be confident in who you are. Confidence can carry an outfit a long way. Even if you may not feel confident inside, try to portray a more confident front, even if it's just in the way you walk -with your head held high & a bounce in your step. You'll soon start believing in that confidence & own it! Trust me!
Images courtesy of Elle.com, La Redoute, Tommyton.tumblr.com & jakandjil.com
For more on The Secret to French Style & a few of the pieces shown above please check out http://www.laredoute.co.uk/frenchstyletips/

31 March 2014

Anna Dello Russo by Lula

   How have I never visited Anna Dello Russo's website before? I found myself there recently by accident, and my oh my isn't it just a feast for the eyes! Not only does it include snipits from Vogue, but also anything & everything that is a cultural influence to here. It's like a Trendland purely for fashion. I also found these great gif image collages, created by Lula. A fun, inspiring way to show off such great style. I love them!

25 March 2014

Photo Diary : Time for a Catch Up

Dear readers,
   Sorry for my absence over the last few months, once again university has been pushing me to my limits! In the last 10 weeks I have had 4 project deadlines! But I have now rested & recovered & am hoping to re-vamp my blog by filling it with all the work I have been up to over the last 3 months. So thanks for sticking with me, and here's an update of my year so far!
   My New Year, spent with some of my closest friends, in the most glistening dress I owned, sipping free glasses of Champagne in Winchester. Followed by a Harry Potterthon the morning after ;)
   I also started back at uni, for the second term of my second year, completely oblivious to how much work laid ahead of me! Oh & my boyfriend brought me some of my favourite flowers to start the year off... before he left for a months work in America :(
So I got stuck into my Knitwear project work...

    And after 1 research book, 22 pages of knit samples, 30 pages of rough designs, 6 prints, 35 CAD flats, 10 final outfits, 35 final designs, a colourboard, moodboard, a customer profile, a presentation & finally a hand knitted full length dress (pattern created by myself)... I had finished the project!
   I had completed it just in time! The sun had come out & my boyfriend was coming back...
   ...with lots of American goodies! :3
   On Valentines day, we stayed in a cosy Newquay apartment for a few days, which sat right on a stunning private beach.
   My tailoring project, inspired by a nostalgic type of romance for Jil Sander, had me produce the most amount of work in the shortest amount of time. I had under 4 weeks to produce over 100 rough designs, a 6 pieces collection, a colour palette, CAD flats, a moodboard, illustrations, a sketchbook, a branding boards AND a tailored jacket. And then I slept!!!
   I will be posting my projects in more detail soon, so stay tuned, as they will be up as soon as I have done some photoshoots.
If anyone would like to be involved in a photoshoot, then please do message me, I will be happy for any help of any kind. :) But for now, stay tuned to see more!