26 February 2013

My Chance at Paris Fashion Week

   So while receiving emails and invites for London Fashion Week, I also received invites to two shows held in Paris, and an invite to the showrooms of Fashion Scout. After seeing the showrooms of Fashion Scout at London, you have no idea how much I wish I could have gone (especially since buses to Paris start from as little as £18!!!!). However, thanks to all my university work keeping me busy after LFW, the short notice of the invites and the fact I would probably get lost around Paris alone (especially since I can't speak much French!) unfortunately this time I will have to give it a miss. But am keeping my fingers crossed for next season! I will also be posting the pics from the London Fashion Scout showrooms really soon! 

23 February 2013

LFW AW13 Show Review Teaser

   So London Fashion Week has been and gone, and what a week it was! For me the highlights have to be meeting the designers at the exhibition held at Freemason's Hall and being able to discus their designs, networking with a wide range of people from the fashion industry and being photographed multiple times purely because of my mirror-ball Maison  Martin Margiela trousers (of which I cheekily got in the sale, yet no one seemed to pick up on! mwhahaha). But what was your highlight of LFW AW13? Anyway here is a little teaser of some of the shows I sore during this fashion week and of which I will be doing little reviews on in the near future. So stay tuned in!

21 February 2013

London Fashion Week - Day 5

   Personally, I think day 5 of fashion week was my favourite. Not only had all my friends from uni came down to London for a trip, which had me on a social high, but also the shows were incredible and I got to meet some really interesting people while networking and piecing together a style report for fashion week. So here is a little insight before I do the full review on the shows.
12:00 - Emilio de la Morena AW13 Show
Me with my uni friend acting like the important reporters (we think) we are . . . 
Jumper - H&M £20, Mirrored Trousers - Maison Martin Margiela, Shoes - New Look £30, Handbag - Topshop £35.
Call me a tourist, I don't care! I love London architecture! Especially the juxtaposition of the curved and straight lines of the building bellow.
Approaching the Freemason's Hall for my next fashion show, and I see a (surprise) street fashion show walking outside. Would love to know of the designer if anyone knows of them!!! But what a great statement to make and way of getting free publicity!
Street style photo - The P.R. guy for Ming Pin Tien.
2:30 - Ming Pin Tien AW13 Show - Loved the lines used within this collection!
Networking while doing street style photography, with Rosie & Proudlock, front row guests at Ming Pin Tien. Full street report will be published soon!
After show exhibition, featuring Anna October's AW13 show - the dresses where absolutely stunning up close!
A little bit of (jokey) lookbooking.
More Made In Chelsea cast members (  Mark Francis and Victoria) attending the highly anticipated Ziad Ghanem AW13 show. 
6:00 - Ziad Ghanem AW13 Show.
More lookbooking in the dark.
And finally 7:30 - Tahir Sultan AW13 Show. (photos to come so keep tuned in!)

18 February 2013

London Fashion Week - Day 4

   Day four of fashion week for me was sadly taken up a lot by travelling home & back up to London. However when I reached London, I was lucky enough to have two events to attend for the presentation of AW13 collections from two very talented shoe designers. More photos will be posted soon!

17 February 2013

London Fashion Week - Day 3

   For me, day 3 of London Fashion Week will be know for the massive train delays, the afternoon sun and meeting the designers. Today was a little quieter than the previous, but none the less fashionable. So here a little photo insight into today.
12:00 - Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days AW13 Show, featuring . . .
Ann Kolomoets AW13
Yasya Minochkina AW13
Paskal AW13 Show
Anna October AW13
And today I wore . . .
 Hat - Vintage £8, Coat - New Look £28, Black Chiffon Layered Dress - a little boutique £28, Heeled Boots - Dorothy Perkins £45
London Fashion Scout Exhibition

A full report of the shows, exhibition and designers coming soon!