31 July 2010

Looklet - User: SallyLouise (Looks)

Looklet - User: SallyLouise (Looks)

Vintage never goes out of fashion!

The idea of vintage is great! It allows clothes to be recycled, trends to be revisited, and normally allows you to pick up an unique piece of fashion, that no-one else will own, but everyone will be envious of! Although there are a few do's and dont's for those who are not entirely confident of what is hot and what is really not!

  • Do buy men's vintage oversized tees and jumpers, as they create a sexy, laid back look.
  • Don't mix too many different looks, choose a decade that suits your style, otherwise you have the risk of looking like your granma! (if she's stylish, thats fine!).
  • Do buy things you love, which are too big, as size can be altered.
  • Don't wear it head-to-toe vintage, or you'll look like your off to a fancy dress party.
  • Do think about catwalk trends, as designers often use vintage styles as influences for collections.
  • Don't impulse buy without checking the return policy, other wise your stuck with it!
Heres a great example of a vintage oversized top from Playboy, costing only £20! Even celebrities have decided to start rummerging through rails of their local vintage shops to find the best unique statement peiecs, such as Florence Welch, Peaches Geldof, Alexa Chung, and Poloma Faith .

If you are interested in buying vintage style clothes then why not check out these places?

Or why not try some of the best vintage stores in Britain, such as . . .

28 July 2010

Clothes Show London

Exiting, dramatic and intensifying. 25th June 2010, the opening day for the Clothes Show London 2010, which was sure to promise a great girls day out for any fashionista! But not necessarily for the very few husbands, dad and boyfriends who had tagged along, and by the look on their faces, wished they were anywhere but. Upon arriving at the destination, a huge crowd was visible, awaiting the doors to be flung open at 11 am. Which, dead on 11, was exactly what happened, and after racing through the doors of Earls Court, I was able to see the real buzz of happy shoppers running from store to store, of what seemed to be hundreds of stands. Personally I tried to keep my shopping organised, as not to miss out any amazing bargins, but after hearing that the Paul's Boutique stool were selling bags at 1/3 of the price, I soon scrapped that idea, and went running to join the queue of eagerly anticipating customers. I ended up buying a £90 Barbie <3> bag for only £30!!! Among the well known brands at the show, were smaller boutiques-selling bargin clothes, vintage boutiques, magazine stands, and make up areas. And of course, not forgetting the beach area, where LaSenza offered a beachwear show, while the audience sat on the decking, sipping their Pimms and enjoying the DJ's music. Later on was time for the fashion show, which consisted of dance, awards and a live performance by The Wanted!!!!! The fashion show itself was themed on different countries around the world, from Tokyo to London, and showed clothes from many high street, Internet, and high end brands. It also showcased the 6-packs of the hot male models, which was welcomed with colossal screaming from the audience. As much as I absolutely loved the experience, I was ready by the end of the day to put my feet up (after walking around for about 9 hours in 5inch heels), and relax with a creamy hot chocolate.
To view the whole collection from the Clothes Show London 2010 catwalk show, please visit www.clothesshowlondon.com/gallery/images/scene1-tokyo