7 June 2016

Week 5.1 - Clean Eating My Way to Bikini Confidence with Get Fit With Davina

   Despite the fact I was travelling on 6 days last week, from Oxfordshire to Kent to Surrey to Cornwall & back to Surrey, I planned in such detail that I think I was drove everyone around me crazy! HOWEVER, by planning exactly what I would be eating, depending on whether I could cook or was travelling, it was one of my cleanest weeks so far & was far easier than expected. So there's no excuse for me in the future!!! Here's a break down of what I ate last week...
Breakfast: Porridge with Honey, Cinnamon & Coconut Milk 5/5 While I was travelling I had overnight oats (oats & milk left over night & you don't even need to heat it up!) which was just as tasty.
Lunch: Spinach & Feta Frittata with Salad 4/5 Could benefit from a few more ingredients within the frittata instead of a side salad, but tasty otherwise. This became a salad, using the exact same ingredients, other than adding half a can of tuna & raisins instead of tomatoes & eggs.
Dinner: Grilled Lemon Chicken with Potatoes & Salad 4/5 A perfectly clean meal, the chicken was delicious, but would prefer veg instead of salad. This turned into a salad too, using the same ingredients, adding the egg from earlier & half an apple, instead of the potatoes.
Snacks: Banana & Peanut Butter 5/5 Always a good energy boost!
Dessert: Greek Yoghurt with Honey & Cinnamon 5/5 One of my favourites!
Definitely made up for last week & worked even harder this week - I completed 1 set of Davina's 21 minutes & 40 minutes of bodyweight workouts, then a further 4 weight training sessions at the gym, all at least an hour, for core, glutes, arms & legs.
Despite all the travel, I stayed very clean this week - no specific cheat meals. I did enjoy some wedding cake & a couple of drinks to celebrate, as well as an M&S meal deal, but the weekend was more about celebrating with friends & having the occasional treat, rather than one indulgent meal.

WEEK 5.1
Why week 5.1? So Get Fit With Davina recommends a 5 week plan, however last week was so busy & unusual, that I have decided to do a second, more controlled week 5, including the cheat meal!!! Haha. So here goes...
My weekly food shop cost only £20.35 from Lidl, with the addition of a few leftover bits at home.
 With 2 eggs, 2 slices of wholemeal toast & no butter.
With virgin coconut oil spray instead of oil & broccoli & cauliflower instead of beans & nuts.
 With extra chicken for added protein, cooked in virgin coconut oil spray & served with cauliflower & broccoli instead of a salad.
I decided to have cashew nuts instead, just for preference & reduced the amount to 15 nuts, as I felt the suggested portion was too much for me.
Greek yoghurt again!!! Yum, yum, yum!

I plan to workout 5-6 times this week, mainly 21 minutes of Davina's workouts, followed by 40 minutes bodyweight workouts, with hour long weight training sessions instead when I have the opportunity to go to the gym.

Some of you may have already finished your 5 weeks - if that is you congrats on all the hard work! If you're joining me on week 5.1 - it's not long now & hopefully you too are feeling the great effects its having. And for those of you who are thinking about starting Get Fit With Davina? Get 4 WEEKS FREE NOW, to kick start your way to bikini confidence this summer.

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