28 June 2016

Get Fit With Davina - The Ultimate Guide + End Review!

   So I have completed Davina's 5 weeks of clean eating & exercising! Plus an extra week of my own choosing. Did I learn anything from the experience? I learnt how to eat even healthier & how great you feel for it. I've learnt a routine that's perfect for me, to continue with a healthier lifestyle. Plus I've discovered some great recipes that I will use again & again! Did the program deliver what it promised? For me, I'd say yes. I wanted to feel stronger & leaner & I do; best of all I understand why I do & how to continue my progress. So here is my ultimate break down of the Get Fit With Davina experience...
   With an easy to follow plan & point system, the program allowed you to plan your daily meals without having to worry about macro or calorie counting - I counted myself & didn't go over my macros, other than sugar occasionally. The point system was tailored to  your weight & end goals & encouraged you to have smaller portions of 3 meals & a couple of snacks each day, which was a great way to keep hunger at bay. The recipes themselves showed that eating clean could be both tasty & fun, rather than bland! Most of them were delicious, however some were a little bland for my personal taste - my advice would be to read the recipe & ingredients first, if you think something is missing (e.g. tomatoes in the chilli sauce or added lean chicken to increase protein for workouts & prevent hunger) then go with your instinct if it is a clean food, if it's processed... try to resist! The main focus is to keep on track with clean eating, of which the recipes help to ease you into! After just a week, I noticed a difference!
   As with the food, the exercise was tailored to your experience & your end goals. Each 7 minute workout allowed you to rate it's difficulty, so that it could progress with you. Personally, I have had quite an active lifestyle these past few years, so I used the exercise with Davina as an add on to my original routines. At first they were quite easy, but within days, Davina picked up the pace & made them a little more challenging. The workouts were each themed around areas such as cardio, HIIT training, abs, legs, boxercise & even a little introduction into weights, which kept the exercises exciting & allowed you to try different types of workouts from the comfort of your own home, helping you find out what you enjoy doing. The rating is my personal rating; due to my experience level I found the workouts could have been more challenging, however it is a great program in general.
   A brilliant website, with all the support you would need for starting a new, healthier lifestyle. From the moment you sign up, the website is completely tailored to your starting point, your progress & your end goals. With 4 main sections - Eat, Work Out, YouSocial - it caters for all your needs. The Eat section contains hundreds of recipes, a guide to healthy foods & what to eat if you eat out. The points system makes it very easy to plan your daily meals, without having to worry about exceeding your macros, as long as you stay within or meet your daily points. The Work Out section shows you your daily workout plan & the exercises involved, while the YouSocial sections helps you keep track of your progress & connect with others also doing the program for support or to share tips. The website is almost like having an online personal trainer & nutritionist; it keeps you motivated & helps teach you a new, healthier lifestyle.
   As my goal was not to loose a lot of weight, just to lean out, I decided to do with program for 5 days a week, eating normal (80% clean 20% normal food) at the weekend, with a cheat meal & working out on average 5 times a week. This was perfect for me, as it has encouraged me to take the routine into the long run. Why? because I now know how easy it is to eat clean during the week & normal at the weekend, plus I feel so much healthier & more confident within myself, which is something I wish to continue with. Davina's recipes were easy to follow & exciting to experiment with, plus the exercise was a great addition to my workouts. This program was definitely a worthwhile experience, one that I would consider doing again, if ever my healthy lifestyle got stuck in a rut, to help motivate & focus me again.
   In case you don't believe my review, the results should speak for themselves. My aim at the beginning was to get leaner & stronger, not necessarily loose weight, just loose excess fat & to take a step towards eating cleaner. I definitely find it a lot easier to eat cleaner now & found that doing this for 5 days a week, is a much more attainable method for me. As for getting stronger, I feel stronger, I can lift more weight when training & I have noticed more definition. As for loosing excess fat, here are my before & after stats - 6 weeks apart.
                                                    BEFORE        AFTER
WEIGHT                                    9st 5lb             9st 2lb
B.M.I                                           23.3                 22.7
BODY FAT PERCENT             20.3%             21.2%
WAIST                                        66.5cm           63.5cm
LOWER ABDOMOND            77.5cm            73cm
HIPS                                           85.5cm            76.5cm
BUM                                           97.5cm            96cm
THIGHS                                    59.5cm            57.5cm

   You may notice my body weight percent has actually increased - which upset me at first. However, after looking at my measurements, I was more reassured, as everything else has decreased, plus I feel a lot leaner. So I decided to look into why my fat percent may have increased - turns out it can fluctuate a lot in a day, much like weight, depending on how much you drink beforehand (water weight & fat are less dense than muscle, so will both measure as fat), what you've eaten before & if you've exercised (which actually decreases it because of sweat!). As a result, I am not going to worry too much, just try to monitor my changes on a more regular basis, making sure I eat/drink/workout etc the same each time, to help my progress further. I definitely feel leaner, which is the main thing!
   One of Davina's main goals, is that Get Fit With Davina will encourage people to pick up healthy tips along the way, to develop a healthier lifestyle, rather than just a healthy 5 weeks. Personally, I plan to eat clean during the week, trying to stick to my daily macros. I will continue to try to workout between 5-6 times a week, but have learnt not to beat myself up about missing a session when life gets too busy. Plus I will be monitoring my progress better, to ensure my goals adapt as I progress, but I have also learnt not to obsess over measurements either, just use them as a guide. Get Fit With Davina has taught me a lot about living healthier; I would encourage anyone to at least try it & I would definitely use it again, if ever I needed a nudge in the right direction!
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