10 June 2016

5 Steps to Bikini Confidence This Summer! With Kendall + Kylie Swimwear

   I don't mean to be repping the Jenner/Kardashian clan, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW KENDALL & KYLIE SWIMWEAR AT TOPSHOP?!? I have been searching long & hard for a new bikini for the summer, only to buy 2 within an hour of seeing their collection! And why? Not because of the celebrity connotations, but because of their strong, confident cuts & how complimentary they are to the female form, without trying to hard. Seeing the girls radiate confidence in their new line, made me reflect on just how far I've come, since last year, to achieve true body confidence. And here's how I did it...
1. Find exercise you love & stick to it!
Don't start expecting results too soon, apply yourself, enjoy the feeling of your body getting stronger & the results will follow in a couple of months. Set achievable short term goals & plan how you'll achieve them, to help keep the motivation up.
2. Eat well, not less...
Be aware of your daily macro allowance, eat clean & you will find you can eat a lot more than you'd think. My top tip, allow yourself a treat a day to keep yourself going & a cheat meal a week. Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up for indulging or 'slipping up', just get back to working hard the next day! Honestly, by sticking to this, you'll feel leaner, cleaner & healthier than ever.
3. You are what you drink
Drink fizzy - feel bloated, drink juice - feel sugary, drink Starbucks fancy pants coffee - feel stodgy. One or two a day won't make any difference, but try to stick to drinks that are good for you & not containing lots of sugar. Water & lemon to flush out unwanted toxins & water weight in your system, green tea to encourage debloating or a couple of black coffees to increase the metabolism, for example.
4. Love your body!
Easy enough to say right? Treat yourself to some pampering or buying clothes that suit your body, to help you feel your best. For me I feel my best after shaving, exfoliating, moisturising, putting on my make up & a pretty dress. If I was going out in a bikini, I would probably use a bit of tanning lotion too. Treat your body & you'll immediately feel a boost in confidence.
5. Believe in YOU
If you fall at a hurdle, get back up & try again. If you set yourself a goal, you can achieve it with a little hard work. If you feel good, don't let that silly voice in your head tell you otherwise. If someone pays you a compliment, believe it. Pull your shoulders back, hold your head high, hold your posture tall & walk proud. Just by believing in yourself, you'll find your self confidence grows a great deal. Also everyone is different, so stop comparing or judging yourself & others, as this will forever hold you back.
And just remember, work hard, keep at it & you'll soon feel the benifits...

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