2 June 2016

Bank Holiday's, Busy Lifestyle & Keeping on Track - Week 5 on Get Fit With Davina

   The program is really feeling more like a lifestyle now, rather than just a 5 week thing - which was one of Davina's aims, to encourage healthier long term habits. It has become much easier for me to eat mainly clean food throughout the day & I am really enjoying just how much I can eat of the right things, without blowing up my macros. So here's a quick breakdown of my meals from last week:
Breakfast: Banana Pancakes/Crepes 5/5 I decided on pancakes & swapped the orange for some cinnamon & honey. Despite taking a little extra time, this breakfast is one of my all time favourites - it's delicious & filling!
Lunch: Smoked Salmon, Avocado & Soft Cheese on Toast 5/5 I decided to swap in 2 slices of healthy wholemeal plain toast here & use cream cheese & strawberries due to budget instead, but this lunch was simple, filling & beautiful.
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese 5/5 Wow another 5/5, this weeks menu was definitely delicious. I did swap the veg for kidney beans & added more turkey mince for more protein - this is a classic meal & even better being so healthy.
Snacks: Apple & Peanut Butter 5/5 I actually only needed a snack once this week, as the other meals lasted easily throughout the day.
Dessert: Low Fat Greek Yoghurt, Honey & Cinnamon 5/5 I love this dessert & don't think I will ever bore of it, hence why I'm having it for 3 weeks in a row.
   I did not complete quite as many workouts as I had hoped, but the ones completed where completed with my fullest effort. I did 2 sessions of  21 minute workouts with Davina followed by 40 minutes of intense bodyweight workouts, as well as a 90 minute weight training session at the gym for my glutes, legs & a little bit of abs. Despite not reaching my target of 5/6 workouts, I will not beat myself up over it, as I still worked very hard & sometimes life is too busy to always fit in workouts, so don't stress & let it ruin your progress, just push on harder the following week!
   As it was a bank holiday weekend & I was visiting my boyfriends family, my cheat meal really turned into a cheat weekend. Although we didn't eat too much, we had some beautiful home cooked meals, a couple of desserts & perhaps a couple of drinks... But nothing too gluttonous, just hearty home cooked food!
As I have been travelling a lot this week, my plan for week 5 has had to adapt - sorry that it's late! But here is what I have been eating so far this week...
My weekly food shop for week 5 came to £19.39 - shopping at Lidl & Asda. Due to travelling over bank holiday, my food shop & meal prep was a little jumbled this week, but I picked up the clean eating again on Monday evening.
I decided to swap the berries for cinnamon here, as I was quite high on sugars this week, used honey as it is more natural than maple syrup & swapped milk for coconut milk, mainly because it adds a beautiful sweet taste. I am also having 60g porridge to keep me full!
 As always I swap oil for light coconut oil spray, added 1/4 red pepper & tablespoon sweetcorn to my salad & used Asda's light honey & mustard salad dressing instead of making my own, to avoid all that oil! Do check with light salad dressings though, as sometimes they're very high in sugars & salt!
 Served with a tablespoon of peanut butter naturally!
 Cooked with light coconut oil spray instead, served with 1/4 pepper & tbsp sweetcorn instead of cucumber & tomatoes, with my Asda light honey mustard salad dressing. Here I used 150g chicken breast to increase my protein intake.
My favourite desert once again! 100g low fat greek plain yogurt, 1 tbsp honey & cinnamon.
I plan to complete 5/6 workouts this week, with a mixture of Davina's 21 minutes, followed by 40 minutes bodyweight workouts & gym workouts - hopefully a minimum of 3 weight sessions, so that I can break them down into upper body, lower body & core.
So, with only 1 week to go of the recommended time frame, I am feeling pretty positive. I am feeling stronger & leaner, which were my main objectives. So I will be working harder than ever this week. However, how do you stay on tack when travelling, socialising or celebrating? Well I will be both travelling a lot & attending a wedding this week, so what's my plan? 
1. Stay focused...
...with the meal plan & exercise at every available opportunity.
2. If I don't have a gym available?
I'll work out in my room. 
3. If I don't have time?
I'll eat cleaner that day, do a shorter more intense workout or have a rest day.
4. If I'm going to an event, travelling or socialising?
I'll prepare food for the day, eat clean all day, eat a clean filling meal before hand (if there isn't a meal, only snacks served) & try to limit myself on nibbles when I'm there.
5. If I'm staying at a hotel?
Prepare a couple of meals & healthy snacks to take with me, bearing in mind that there may not be a fridge or microwave. I'll also ask if they have a gym - if they do, I'll take full advantage!
Remember plan ahead to succeed & avoid failure!

As we head into week 5, stay strong & focused, as you've only got a week to go! And if you haven't started your journey yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to Get Fit With Davina now to get 4 WEEKS FREE!

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