8 May 2016

What I Ate This Week - Get Fit With Davina Week 1 Review & Week 2 Meal Prep!

   Overall, so far so good. I have been following the program for 5 days, with 2 days off, allowing me to eat normally (about 80% clean food, 20% treats) & include a slightly indulgent cheat meal. I already feel a lot leaner & a lot less bloated thanks to all the clean food. The menu's kept me full & I even found I did not need both snacks during the day. The exercise however was not challenging enough for my level of fitness, so I added more to it.
The Food
   The meals were both interesting & filling, however I did find trouble with the Refried Kidney Beans recipe, so I made my own healthy chilli sauce to go on top, which really improved it. As for drinks, I stuck mainly to green tea, black coffee & water during the day. My ratings for each meal are as follows... 
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg & Smoked Salmon 5/5 Although had to add bread to increase carb intake.
Lunch: Refried Beans & Slaw 3/5 My chilli sauce saved this meal, otherwise it would be quite bland - I think there was an error in the recipe. However the kidney beans were a good substitute for meat or mince which can be high in fat.
Dinner: Creamy Mushroom & Quinoa Risotto 5/5 Loved it, especially with a little teaspoon sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Snacks: Peanuts & Raisins 5/5 A good source of long lasting energy.
Dessert: Raspberry Fool 4/5 Loved the taste, very sweet, however the texture was that of a smoothie, not as thick as I had expected, so I put it in the freezer overnight, making it much nicer.
My Macros
   As I am not trying to loose much weight, just loose stored fat & reduce bloating, I was quite low on some of my macros. This meant I could both add healthy things to increase certain macros - like 1 slice of un-buttered wholegerm toast in the morning to increase carbs & energy - but I could also add in a couple of treats too. I also did not need the peaches as a second snack, as my meals kept me full all day, which allowed me more macros in other places.
My Cheats
   I knew during the week that I had enough calories to add in a couple of not so clean snacks, without going over my macros. These included a homemade cappuccino (much lower in sugars, fat & calories compared to having one at Costa etc), 1 square of dark chocolate (as it's good for your blood), a small slice of malt loaf in the evening with a milky sugary tea & 4 mini eggs. I still had quite a good calorie & carbs defiticit, to help me loose that stored fat, without dropping half my calorie intake all at once, which can be quite unproductive over a long term period. Over the weekend I ate my normal 80% clean, 20% treat diet, with a cheat meal thrown in too. I didn't over do it when eating treats, otherwise for those two days off, I'd undo all the good work achieved during the week.
The Exercise
   Personally, I found the exercise on the website to be to easy for my fitness level, as I have been training hard for quite a long time. However after each 7 minute workout, you're asked how easy/hard it was, in order to tailor it more to the individual. So for me, the workouts began to get a little harder as the week went on, however I have been doing my usual 40 minutes of intense bodyweight workouts after Davina's workouts. I have been working out 5 days out of 7.
My Stats
   As promised, I went to get myself weighed during the week; I went to Boots & for 70p their scales tell you your weight, height, BMI & body fat percent, taking into account your age & gender too! So here are my stats, to help me truly compare the before & after...
Weight: 9st 5lb    Height: 5ft 2.9"    B.M.I: 23.3 (Ideal Weight)    Body Fat Percentage: 20.3% (Excellent)
Meal Plan
   Here is my meal plan for week 2, as always it is tweaked & tailored to me. My total cost this week came to £15.07 from shopping at Lidls - however I did already have leftover salad & eggs among other little bits.
I will be having 1 banana instead of 2, as I don't think I'll need more, but I may replace it with a healthy snack later IF I get hungry.
30 Almonds was the recommended portion size, however I may have a little less depending on my hunger.
I don't like asparagus, so have swapped it for broccoli & cauliflower & have increased portion size for veg, as I did not have 2 bananas at breakfast & am using low calorie coconut oil instead of regular, so I am getting my energy & nutrition from another source.
Like last week, I probably won't need the second snack, but just in case, I have the tinned peaches leftover from last week!
This meal looks amazing - however I am not a fan of steak! I was going to replace it with a lean pork steak, but chicken was cheaper, is higher in protein, leaner & easier to cook/softer when cooked! I'm cooking 150g of lean diced chicken breast per portion to increase my protein intake, replaced oil with low cal coconut oil spray & added 125g broccoli & cauliflower instead of the dried mushrooms as they were cheaper & easier to buy & are more filling!
Raspberries had sold out, so I brought strawberries, which were also cheaper!
   All macros seen above are calculated with My Fitness Pal App from Under Armour, however macros are not always 100% correct, so just listen to your body, if it is not hungry, don't stuff yourself with everything on the meal plan, likewise if your starving, add a healthy snack! My macros for the week with just Davina's food are bellow - I have not included the peaches, as I don't think I will need them. I will also be having my little additional extras throughout the day, so that I meet my protein, have a few more natural carbs & so my calorie deficit is a little less, as cutting my calories in half is too drastic & would not have a long term effect - either I would crash after a week & gain weight or would be so low on energy that I would not be able to work out!
Exercise Plan
   I will be working out 5 days again, continuing with Davina's 3 x 7 minute workouts per day, as well as my 40 minutes intense bodyweight workouts. If you want inspiration for such workouts, I use Popsugar Fitness on Youtube with Anna Renderer - she's a great trainer!
Hope week 1 went as well as mine, stay strong & good luck with week 2!
Start Get Fit With Davina today for your 4 Weeks Free!!!

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