23 May 2016

Clean Eating, Weight Training + Progress - Week 4 on Get Fit with Davina

The Food
   I am over half way through now & have already found that eating cleaner is making me feel fantastic & lean! My energy levels have balanced themselves out & I am no longer craving sugar quite like I was to begin with, so I can really feel the progress. I am finding my eating habits during the weekend - when I'm not following the meal plan - are a lot more concious & am making healthier decisions overall. I find that knowing I will be eating normally (75% healthy 25% treats) over the weekend keeps me on track with the diet plan, as I know I have a little treat to look forward to. So here's a break down of last weeks meal plan...
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg on Toast 5/5 I took out the butter, as I did not need it, swapped the rye bread for wheatgerm bread because of price & served with black pepper - so simple yet delicious!
Lunch: Prawn Pasta 4/5 Served with broccoli, cauliflower & a teaspoon of parmesan, this meal had so many delicious flavours in it, the only complaint was that it didn't hold all it's flavour throughout the week, as I prepare my weeks food on a Sunday.
Dinner: Wholemeal Spaghetti & Pesto with Chicken 4/5 Served with peas, corn on the cob & a tablespoon of parmesan, this meal was tasty, but perhaps could have used a little more seasoning.
Snacks: Apricots & Almonds 5/5 I decreased portion size to 3 apricots & 15 almonds, as I found my body was not particularly hungry to begin with, I was more eating to maintain energy levels & to increase certain macros.
Dessert: Low Fat Greek Yogurt with Honey & Cinnamon 5/5 One of my own choices, simple, easy to make & delicious! A great low fat, low cal, low sugar treat to boost energy & satisfy a sweet tooth.
The Exercise
   During week 3, I did 4 1hr+ weight training sessions at my gym, including a personal training session, instead of Davina's workouts & home bodyweight workouts. It felt refreshing to be back at the gym after a 2 week break from weights & I felt stronger for it too. My workout plans included 1 session for core, 1 for legs, 1 for back & core & another for legs, glutes & core.
My Cheats
   As usual, I had my daily extras - as listed in Week 1's Meal Plan - & had a weekend of eating my usual diet. My cheat meal for week 3 was Simply Grilled Chicken & an eton mess cheesecake from Harvester - oh how I have missed my cheesecakes!

Meal Plan
My weekly food shop for week 4 came to a total of £16.66 shopping mainly at Lidls & using a few leftovers (bread, oil, herbs etc) from my cupboards.
 I have reduced ingredients, only using 1 banana, 2 eggs (instead of 1 for more protein) & a splash of coconut milk for the pancake mix, cooking in low cal coconut oil spray instead of oil & added a tspn honey & cinnamon to serve.
 I am using 2 slices of wholemeal healthy bread instead, due to staying on budget & low fat soft cheese instead of ricotta for preference. I have swapped raspberries for strawberries because of cost, will be using only 40g salmon because of packet size & have chosen not to add butter.
 I will be adding a tbsp (15g) peanut butter to my apple, as I am only have 1 snack & love this combo for an energy boost.
 I always use low cal coconut oil spray instead of oil, as its lower in calories & fat & also coconut oil has great health benefits too! I have swapped courgette & celery for 48g kidney beans per day as they're cheaper, less prep involved when cooking & higher in protein. My chosen meat is 90g (1/5 of the packet) 7% fat turkey mince & served with a handful of salad.
The same as last week - simple & easy. 100g low fat greek yogurt, 1 tspn honey & cinnamon.
My total macros (not including drinks & my additional extras) for the day are as follows:
Calories  1375 (805 leftover)    Carbs  169 (101 left)    Fat  39 (33 left)    Protein  78 (30 left)    Sugars  82 (0 left)

Exercise Plan
   This week I will be combining Davina's 7 minute workouts, bodyweight home workouts & weight training. I hope to do 3 sessions of 21 minutes with Davina & 40 minute bodyweight workouts & 2-3 1hr+ weight training sessions at the gym.

We're almost there - keep up the hard work! And remember you can still get 4 WEEKS FREE on Get Fit With Davina here.