2 May 2016

Let's Get Fit With Davina - Review & 4 Weeks Free!!!

   Summer is approaching & although the '#BikiniBody' has been truly shunned this year (and quite rightly, we are all unique), I don't believe '#BikiniConfidence' is going anywhere. After all, there is always that trouble area that we wish we could tweak - even if no one else sees it - & I don't believe that it's a vanity thing, it's a confidence thing! We all wish to have that bikini confidence so that we can wear what we want, enjoy the summer weather & have fun without having to worry about our body hangs up - we just want to be care free! So when I was approached by Davina's team, I decided to grasp the chance of finally achieving my bikini confidence this summer! And I hope that some of you will join me in this journey, with a 4 Weeks Free Trial!
My First Reactions
   I love Davina anyway, so perhaps I'm a little bias, buts what not to love about her? She's kind heated, hard working & beautiful! So my initial reaction was excitement. I found the website easy to use & welcoming; it took into consideration all my personal details, fitness levels & was 100% customisable.
    As I began to explore a little more, I found the program easy to follow; it gave me 66 Davina points to eat per day, which was easy to create my week's meal plan around, using the meals on the website. The meals of which were exciting, not at all bland & some quite familiar. One thing I was a little concerned about was the amount of exercise - I normally aim for 5/6 45min bodyweight workouts or 1 hour gym sessions per week, where this has recommended me 21 minutes per day. However, like the meal plans, you really have to listen to what your body tells you, we are all so different. If you are really lacking the energy, it's ok to add in a healthy snack, don't starve yourself if your body needs more or add more to the workouts if that is what you are used to, since its all about progressing. All in all, I look forward to the first week!
My Current Fitness Level
   I thought it would be useful to anyone joining me on this venture & for the review to give you a little overview of my current fitness level.
   My Workouts: I have been been going to the gym & doing bodyweight workouts for about 4 years now & have started weight training 6 months ago, to build my strength & muscle, try to blast the last of my stored fat & because it's so much more fun than cardio! I currently aim to workout 5/6 times a week & prefer the majority of them to be weight training, with a little cardio & bodyweight thrown in for good measures.
   My Food: Before this program I was eating about 80% clean as I like my sugar, but I was still counting my macro's to ensure I wasn't exceeding to much of the bad stuff & getting in enough of the good stuff like protein. I find its a great way to maintain my weight & it gives me enough energy to workout, so that I can burn fat but still have enough to build muscle at the same time. I do additionally have a cheat meal once a week to keep my cravings at bay. It will be interesting to see how Davina's program fits in with the macro's I can/should be eating each day.
   My Stats: 
Height: 5ft 3".
Weight: I honestly don't know & when I weigh myself I'll get back to you!
Measurements: Personal, but I'll reveal the changes in week 5!
Body Fat Percentage: Coming soon.
BMI: Why I don't measure this? I am naturally short with big boobs & bum, of which can massively outbalance your BMI. Also muscle weighs more than fat & my aim is to gain muscle (not bulk though!!!), so I am not worried if my weight increase for this reason, hence why a body fat percent is more accurate for my goals.
My Personal Goals
   I am really hoping to loose some of the stubborn stored fat that can be so hard to get rid of, especially around the abdomen, the hips & thighs. I hope to do this by using Davina's program to force me to eat cleaner & healthier. In turn I hope to start seeing more of the progress I've been making at the gym & to give me even more motivation. Something I really like already about this program, is that in the 5 weeks Davina aims to train you to continue with healthy habits, rather than just being another crash diet that has no real benefit for your body. It is also great how she acknowledges that a healthy diet & fitness goes hand in hand when it comes to progressing, no matter what stage you are at.
Week 1
   Here is my meal plan for the week, my overall daily macros & any changes that I make to tailor the program to me! I opted to go for the same meal each day, as it was cheaper & easier to meal prep. I'm eating with the program 5 days a week & this week cost me £21.74, shopping mainly at Lidl.
Breakfast: Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs - I added 1 slice of plain wholemeal toast, as I still had almost half my carbs left for the day & didn't want to get low on energy! I also used leftover coconut milk (from the pudding) instead of milk & butter in the eggs.
Snack: Peanuts & raisins 40g 
Lunch: Refried beans with slaw - I'm pretty sure the recipe was incorrect here, as in the image the beans appear to come with a chilli/tomato sauce, but in the recipe it was purely just seasoned beans on a plate?!? So I made my own spicy sauce with a can of tomatoes, paprika, chilli powder, pepper & 100ml of Lidl Peri Sauce, which is surprisingly healthy & low in everything! Feta was also used instead of goats cheese - once again, the photo looks more like feta & I personally think it goes better.
Snack: 100g Tinned peaches in natural juice (not syrup) as peaches weren't available.
Dinner: Creamy mushroom and quinoa risotto.
Pudding: Raspberry fool - With coconut milk instead of water because of budget & with cream cheese instead of quark because of availability.
   I use My Fitness Pal app to help record my macros normally, on the program I  am quite low in certain areas for the week. The calorie & fat deficit is good considering Get Fit with Davina is predominantly for weight loss. However I may look at increasing my protein by adding lean chicken to the risotto & the fact I am so low on my daily allowance allows me to add an extra snack if I feel my energy levels crashing & maybe a tiny treat once a day too!
Something to Get You Started
   To help get you motivated, I have designed a print out fitness tracker for your 5 weeks, so you can record your progress, write down your goals, plan your meals & make note of any changes you're making to your own 5 week journey. If you would like an original copy, leave a comment & email bellow & I'd be happy to send one.
My 3 Personal Tips
1. A summer body is made in the winter.
Be under no illusion, start now & you'll gain the confidence you've longed for. However it takes time & dedication, so don't leave it 1 week before your holiday & expect results!
2. "Abs are made in the kitchen, sculpted in the workout.'
- Anna Renderer, personal trainer. It is so true! You can work out as hard as you like, but if you don't eat right, the results will never quite show through.
3. Don't be disheartened if you see no results after 1 week!
Once again, progress takes time. Be patient & work hard & only compare results at the beginning, half way & at the end. Photos can sometimes help to, but try to wear the same clothes & be in similar lighting for a fair before & after photo.

   I hope some of you join me in my 5 week journey - I will be reviewing it every week, so stay tuned & please do get in touch if you are doing it too! Let the 5 weeks programme to summer confidence begin with your free 4 week trial. Good luck & have fun!

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