16 May 2016

7 Day Meal Prep & Exercise Plan - Get Fit With Davina Week 3

My WEEK 2 Review
The Food
   I am starting to get used to the program now; my body is no longer feeling tired from where I have cut down on sugars, instead I am feeling more energized & a lot happier with the cleaner eating. I am however still having to add extras to allow my body enough energy for working out. As for the meals...
Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt, cinnamon, honey & banana 5/5 I don't have the biggest appetite in the mornings, so I saved my banana for a mid day snack with a tablespoon of peanut butter. The yoghurt combination was delicious & filling though!
Lunch: Broccoli, cauliflower & ricotta frittata 4/5 I love all the ingredients in this, however as I cooked enough for 5 days, it unfortunately lost a little flavour throughout. I swapped out the asparagus for the broccoli & cauliflower & added a small sprinkling of parmesan when serving.
Dinner: Creamy mushroom chicken 3/5 I swapped the steak for chicken, due to preference & added a tablespoon of apple sauce for sweetness. A little too much mustard for my liking, but overall a filling, nutritious meal.
Snacks: Almonds 4/5 The portion size was a little too big, where I could have replaced some almonds with raisins for variation, but I do love almonds.
Dessert: Strawberries, ricotta & honey 5/5 I chose not to make the dessert this week, but to use the ricotta as a clotted cream substitute, slice the strawberries on top & drizzle a teaspoon of honey over - it was delicious & for the same amount of calories!
The Exercise
   Last weeks exercise was on the easy side for my fitness level, however Get Fit With Davina has done a very good job at listening to whether I found each 7 minute workout easy or not & has gradually got a little more challenging & hopefully this will continue week by week. I have added 40 minutes of intense bodyweight workouts again with Davina's 21 minutes a day & have done so for 5 days this week. My extra commitment has already made me feel both stronger & leaner with this exercise plan.
My Cheats
   I added the same daily additions to my meal plan as I did in Week 1's Meal Plan - this was to increase my energy for the day, my protein when I worked out & a little treat to stop me going off the rails & binging randomly! My main cheat meal came in the form of a deliciously indulgent home cooked shepherds pie & garlic bread during a night in with friends - it was perfect!
Meal Plan
   My meal plan for week 3 cost £19.84, shopping mainly at Lidl, with a few groceries leftover from previous weeks. The macros are calculated with My Fitness Pal & although it may not always be 100% accurate (nutritional labels are a guide, all food varies slightly), it is a great guide to let you know what you can eat within a day. So here is my meal plan for week 3, ideal for meal prep on a Sunday, with any changes I made along the way...
I have substituted rye bread with 1 slice of healthy wheatgerm bread & have not used butter.
 The last two weeks I haven't needed a second snack between meals, but it is included in the daily meal plans if you want it! I am having 20 almonds & 3 apricots instead of the recommended amount, purely because apricots are pricier than almonds for me.
I used low calorie coconut oil spray instead of oil, because it's lighter & has a tone of health benefits, as well as helping to break down fat stores around the body! I have used 60g prawns instead for the extra protein, used herbs instead of chicken stock & served with 80g of broccoli & cauliflower.
Once again I used low calorie coconut oil spray instead of oil, 75g of chicken breast for more protein & replaced the tomatoes with half a corn on the cob. I will add more veg if I am extra hungry! I also used store brought pesto due to cost & a different brand of wholemeal spaghetti to that of lunch, after running out, which has more carbs, but this has not made me go over my daily macros.
Instead of a Davina dessert, I decided to have 100g low fat greek yoghurt, honey & cinnamon!
My macro's for a day, eating the plan above; I will be adding a few healthy snacks prior to workouts, protein shakes, a small tasty treat & a home made cappuccino too, to give me more calories, carbs & protein, but still with a reasonably healthy calorie & carbs deficit to lean out.
Exercise Plan
I plan to continue with Davina's 3 x 7 minute workouts each day with my 40 minutes bodyweight workouts, 5 times a week.

Hope you are already feeling stronger & more energized for week 3 & remember you can start your 4 weeks free trial on Get Fit With Davina today!

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