22 May 2012

Planning an Exhibition

   Just to prove that I was not just laying around in the sun all day today - instead I was multi-tasking - enjoying the sun AND getting on with bookwork for my final major project. Bellow you can see my two ideas for my exhibition space, which (in case you cant read my terrible handwriting) will have the print I created for my dresses all over the walls, but in a larger scale. I will then use mirrored flooring and ceilings to create an illusion of continuity and infinity. My two black and white garments will be suspended from the ceiling, about 5 inches from the wall, to allow my garments to move slightly when people walk through my space - creating dramatic movement and the sense of juxtaposition between prints. My third garment will be on a stand, further forward, to add both depth to my space and emphasis on the importance of the only injection of colour in my project. My exhibition space as a whole will encourage people to walk inbetween my designs, helping the viewer to really experience my work properly and allowing them to connect with the interactions in my space, hopefully making my work memorable!


  1. This is totally GORGEOUS!! I hope you continue posting more design ideas like this. Just in case, you should consider putting a copyright notice on the bottom of your page. <3


    1. Oh thanks for the idea! I would actually be heartbroken if someone plagiarized my work! I've now added that note :) xx

  2. Amazing ideas! And great drawings! Keep it up xx