16 May 2012

Black or Gold, That Is The Question . . .

   With this cheeky preview of my current project comes some great responsibility for all my lovely readers. This is the dress I am currently working on, which will be COVERED in black & white print, making the eye dance about. But my question for YOU is should I pick black or gold beading? Let me explain a little more, on the left I have the original bodice, however I want to sew beading along the contour lines, as I have marked out on the right at the sides. I could use black which would add a subtle enhancement, but fit in with the black & white. OR I could go for gold to really put emphases on the main focus of my project, to add a classy touch and it would tie in all my three designs, with a gold touch! SO whats YOUR opinion? BLACK OR GOLD???


  1. the gold stands out more, but maybe too much for the dress as its got the print. however the black blends and you can't really see it. I would say gold, but like a muted gold/brown/black haha :) hope that helped haha :) good luck

    1. Thanks :) A muted gold would be perfect - shame I havent got that colour :( xxx

  2. Anonymous16/5/12 22:38

    Gold I'd say but I agree with you, a muted gold..... It's a really nice print!! Good luck in your dress