12 May 2012

Taking Measurements & Attending Dress Fittings

   So its FMP time - and in case you don't know, that stands for final major project. It is (as the name may suggest) the final BIG project to my 1 year Foundation Fashion Design course. And I have a mere month left to produce my three designs you see bellow. I am not going to lie, I have loved the past year and will miss it just a little, however the next few months could be full of opportunities if I play my cards right, making the unknown rather exciting. Anyway enough about my life plans, time to chat about designs. My project for FMP was based around looking at how types of illusions can create a more flattering silhouette for the female form. In my sketchbook I have looked at everything from contrasting colours, contour lines, prints and pattern cutting techniques, in order to explore every possibility of illusions and flattery. I decided to mainly use the application of print to lead the eye to believe that the silhouette of the wearer was a desirable hourglass - with emphasis mainly upon the waist. I drew my inspirations for the prints from looking at the lines and structures of London's architecture - interpreting their forms into something that could create quite a unique take upon a silhouette - as inspired by Mary Katrantzou's SS12 collection. The first two garments I make are planned to be in a contrasting black and white, for the greatest dramatic impact, with the third and final dress in bright commanding colours - to close my collection's catwalk show, ending the show on a memorable high. I have also chosen my models now, with Florence Imogen Smith bravely modelling the leotard in my first design, Faith Jolly modelling the second complete with it's detachable peplum, and me modelling the third and final garment. Bellow you can see my (almost) complete designs, of which I intend to add watercolour to as well as fabric swatches; you can also see me pattern cutting and making the toiles (practise pieces) for each of my garments, including the first garment fittings on my models - which I am happy to report that there was very little I needed to adapt! Anyway hope you enjoy looking at what I have been up to and I would love to hear your feedback!

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