1 June 2012

Moda de la Mode launch party at Piccadilly Institute

   So, early May marked both the date for the official launch of Moda de la Mode's magazine and the release of it's second issue (after the first proved such a great success!). The creative mind behind the magazine is Grace Molan, who after taking a year out from education, has managed to create a successful blog, magazine and has also experienced working with in journalism. Her magazine's launch was held at Piccadilly's Institute - which was quite a bizzar environment - with beds for seats, tea cups to hold cocktails and dolls encased in the bar - perfect for all the creative minds buzzing around the room that night. Amongst many a blogger (including me) Gacie had also invited close friends and family to celebrate her new success, along with photographers, promoters, designers and models that she had met networking in a mere year. I was very impressed by the event, the second issue (which is so sleek and very inspiring) and the gathering that had come to celebrate the launch - which gave me an excellent chance to do some networking! Bellow are some photos from the event...
 As I said, beds for seats and tea cups for cocktails - a classy and dreamy environment.
 A gathering of interest around the second issue of Mode de la Mode.
 The bar, with 3D faces on the walls and dolls bellow the bar.
 Me & Grace - not my best photo, but Grace looks so pretty here!!
Photos above were taken for the event for Moda de la Mode. To find out more or to buy the latest issue please go to http://modadelamode.co.uk/ You can also follow the magazine on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/ModadelaMode and twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Modadelamode


  1. What a great event and everyone look amazing! Love your outfit. Great post and thanks for sharing...xoxox

    1. Aww thanks :) and it was so inspiring to see a friend do so well!! xx

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  3. great pictures the party looks really amazing

    U have a wonderful blog :)