20 June 2011

Lady Gaga's latest showcasing of fashion on The Paul O'Grady Show

Last Friday sore The Paul O'Grady Show dedicated to mother monster herself, Lady Gaga. Personally I absolutely ADORE her experimental, powerful and unique style, and equally her hair styles and colours too - or lack of it in this case. The show opened with a performance of Gaga's single 'Hair', where she sat playing the song bald, while gazing up towards her statement wig of the evening. This performance's imagery definitely enhanced the meaning of what the song is really about, which in Gaga's own words state 'I just want to be free, I just want to be me . . . I don't want to change, And I don't want to be ashamed'. And well, the rest of the evening's outfits definitely met the same bar for iconic impact!


  1. I really like that she is so different and talented at the same time :)

  2. It was an awesome post and I love lady Gaga she is very cool and talented and I think she is kind too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.