21 June 2011

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The new range from Etam Lingerie. I absolutely love pretty, vintage inspired underwear, and really wish I had enough money to buy underwear such as this. I especially like the frilly high-waisted pants and bowed bra in the fourth picture! They are just SO feminine.


  1. She is really beautiful.

  2. beautiful pics!!


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  3. Such beautiful, feminine photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. beautiful blog :)
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  5. She is so beautiful I love her hair...
    I am following Ur Blog.
    Kisses, Gina from IFB :)

  6. Hi Sally,
    I loved your blog.I am a designer too and I am planning start blogging soon.I have an industry experience of 4 years but each place where i worked my bosses never understood me and i worked according to them,which i hated,but that how it is...
    So now I am a free bird.
    I have a plan to come n study in Central St. Martins too for my post grad.Its my dream.If you need any help or guidelines on anything I am ready to help you as well share a lot of fashion designing topics
    C yaa

  7. Hey Rianah,
    Thanks for your comment! I would love to know more about your experiance within the industry, maybe you could email me (sally.paine@btinternet.com) so that i could learn more about what it is like.
    Hope your dream goes well!! and congrats on becoming 'a free bird' - a brave decision to make, and i totally admire you for that!! I am sure it would pay off for you, and i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you :). I would love to check out some of your designs too, if you have a blog or something with them on :)
    Sally Louise Paine