9 November 2015

My Month in Photos: September + Boo Tea Teatox Review + Mackerel Salad Recipe!!!

   Hello Autumn!!! It has well & truly arrived within the last month - as have the crunchy leaves on the floor that my inner child still loves to stomp through! Last month was a busy one for me - I completed my PORTFOLIO, had some experience interning at Holly Fulton & have enjoyed cooking meals for two, now that my man has returned from his two months in America! So here is a glimpse into my September - I hope yours was just as colourful!
Yum Yum! Greek yoghurt, honey + raspberries = Healthy & delicious!
My new business cards came in the post! :) They're so bright!!!
So what does it do? Boo Tea is a beginning or a boost to a healthy lifestyle. It aims to cleanse the digestive system using only natural ingredients, to leave you feeling less bloated & to flush out toxins & excess stored within your body. It can also leave you feeling energised, while helping to aid weight loss.
The Taste: 2/5 However I really dislike herbal teas & the taste did get better with time!
The Cleansing: 5/5 I definitely noticed a cleansing effect on my body. I felt less tired, more motivated, cleaner within (sounds cheesy but honest!) & generally more healthy.
The Bloating: 5/5 I noticed the biggest change around my stomach, as it became completely flat & lost all bloating!
The Energizing: 4/5 I felt energised for a couple of hours after drinking, but when I started to see the effect I became more motivated & energised with it.
The Weight Loss: 4/5 I lost a couple of inches in total. Around the abs & hips were most noticeable where bloating had been reduced. However felt leaner overall.
My reason for my Teatox: I was feeling a little bloated after changing up my workouts from gym to home bodyweight workouts, so I needed a little extra push to make me full more lean.
My Final Review: 5/5 I would definitely recommend & use this product again. However I would note this product is only there to detox the body & that weight loss is just an advantage that some experience as a side effect. I felt 100% less bloated & more energised to carry on with my workouts. I was teaming this product with my usual balanced diet (85% health 15% naughty) & working out 4-6 times per week, as well as drinking green tea before starting the Teatox - all of which definitely helped too!
My Ingredients (1 portion):
-1 Fillet of Sweet Chilli Mackerel    -1 Hard Boiled Egg                    -12g Croutons
-20g Goats Cheese                            -1/4 Pepper                                 -2Tbsp Sweetcorn
-50g Mixed Salad Leaves, try to include Spinach                               -Caesar Salad Dressing
- Pan fry the Mackerel in Soy Source, Lemon Juice or Fry Light - according to your taste. Add a little water as the pan dries out - a healthier option to using oil!
- Try to opt for a healthy option of salad dressing & croutons, as often the hidden calories can make a healthy meal suddenly unhealthy!
- Add as much colour to your salad as possible to include more nutrients & try to include some dark salad leaves too - such as spinach - not just lettuce.


  1. Truly it looks fantastic. I am drooling for this healthy food. Drink too looks healthy. I am a health conscious person and regularly take Green drink. However, I keep changing recipes so don’t get bored with my health secrets.

    1. That's a great point - it's important for your body to also have a change, as well as for your tastebuds! I am still committed to my 2 cups of green tea a day however - it's such a great tip to a flatter stomach!