6 November 2015

FITSPO Friday : Anna Renderer

   I travelled to uni to study one of my passions, only to discover another along the way - fitness! For every moment that fashion has overwhelmed me with stress, tore down my confidence and pushed me to breaking point, working out has helped to build up my strength, revive my body and empower my self belief once more. Without it, who knows where me and my degree would be now! Travelling to uni allowed me the freedom to explore my interest in fitness, and with every year that passes I grow ever more intrigued and hungry to learn more! Hence why I have recently decided to open my blog up to much more than just my love of fashion & design...
   One of my biggest 'fitsperations' right from the beginning has been Anna Renderer - a personal trainer in America and a regular contributor to Popsugar Fitness. For over three years now she has helped shape my fitness program - from butts to abs to legs, she knows how to work it! She has been such a personal inspiration & drive to me that I thought it was about time to share here with you!!!
   You can access her FREE workouts via Popsugar Fitness or visit her website http://www.annarenderer.com/ for fitness & meal plans. One of my personal favourites is her 4 day detox & workout plan - it's a toughy but by eating completely clean for those 4 days, it leaves you with a flat stomach and clean canvas to work on when headed back to the gym!
   I have learnt so much from following her, not just about fitness but about nutrition too (as you may have noticed from my instagram) - so thank you Anna!!!
"Abs are made in the kitchen & sculpted in the workout!"
A quote from Anna - so true!

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