11 November 2015

Fashion Week SS16 Trend Report

 Brilliant florals, baroque prints & vibrant colours, inspired by exotic lands & beautiful foreign cultures. A trend well suited to those hot summer days & the spectacular summer celebrations.
    Graphic prints and contrasting colour blocking are making a big statement to brighten up summer. To take this to the next level, try mixing textures - sheer lace, matt prints & ultra-shine fabrics are all a favourite for next season.
    A step up from the slip dress, with elaborate lace details, embellishments & block prints. It is still a slick style, but has been upgraded by detail.
    Do not just think galactic, but futuristic & minimalistic. There is an air of simplicity & grace with each, but up close you realise a true exploration of print & fabric textures, where designers have also begun toying with new fabrics & techniques. Think pure, clean & above all detailed.
    Ultra-feminine style  has presented itself as the golden age of glamour in Spring Summer, juxtaposing exaggerated elements of the past, with fresh new colours, textures & a clash of prints. This is one of my favourite, as it has collected everything good from the past & has successfully combined it to create something very irregular & exciting - especially in Miu Miu's case!
    Texture? Tick. Colour? Tick. Print? Tick. This trend is all about the mix & exploration of details. With so many varying aspects to each garment, the designers have truly pushed themselves to create pieces that carefully consider each area of design. The result - we have colours that bounce off of each other, intricate textures layered upon each other & prints that are sharply contrasted with one another. Have fun & be experimental with this trend.
   My absolute favourite for next season! There are so many aspects combined into one here that I could not make up a title just-worthy. Retro-Liberian-Suburban-Lady-Geek should just about cover it? It's a real concept clash of all that exciting & bold, which results in an overall ladylike look. This is definitely a trend to have fun with, to experiment with extravagant styling - just remember three works - lady, vintage, bold.
   What were your favourite bits of Fashion Week SS16? Let me know! And stay tuned for some tips on how to achieve these looks yourself!


  1. Wow! There should be a grand celebration party on this occasion. I got invitation for attending a huge fashion event at one of best party venues in Chicago. I am very excited about that and hopefully will have a great experience there.

    1. Have fun & perhaps the collections will inspire you as to what to wear ;)