24 June 2013

DIY - When Your Out Here In This Jungle

    So the perks of being a uni kid is of course the amazing parties that you get to go to, and the even better perks of being a fashion student is that when the party is fancy dress you can really go OTT on the the whole thing with your sewing kit (and in this case with the paints too!!!). This was a little while ago, but realised I hadn't posted the photos to share with you guys, so here we go! Basically the theme of this party was 'Jungle' and there was also a cash prize for the most amazing fancy dress (of which no one ever found out who won -  very suspicious!). Anyway, a few friends and I decided to go all out, both to try and win the money, but also just because! It's always fun to dress up right!?! Anyway I decided to go as a blue parrot, mainly because I had two stunning blue dresses I wanted to wear. BUT I was on a budget. So here's how I did it...
    So here's all I used (in addition with all the facepaint). Here I have several pieces of fabric for the wings (brought from the sraps bin, so costing around only £10), gold chain (to attach the wings to £3), necklace from New Look (£4 but going to be spruced up with embroidery threads) and THE DRESS, that I actually turned out not to wear as my original dress that I had ordered for the night arrived that day! Phew!!!
    So firstly, I used the threads to weave layers into the chain of the necklace to add more vibrant colours, as well as a bit of shine (from the threads) for more of a statement.
The wings : here I sewed a weaved in layers and layers of my fabric to add the texture of the wings. Not perfect (done in 48hrs!) but I was going for more fun than seriousness.
 Now the face paint, all over my body! I used dark blue, turquoise and purple to create a feathery streaky texture all over! Took literally hours. My friend then did the same for her leopard print skin.
 And there you have it! Here's a group shot :3
The dress above (blue body con) was from American Apparel, around £35 (can't remember) but can remember I then found discounts on top of that so I got it for about £25!!!
And the light blue dress (Topshop) was later put to a good use (I used it for another night out!)


  1. How cool!! I am also into DIY.
    You look like you had a lot of fun in the party, and the necklace is fabulous, you're talented. ^_^

    Awesome blog, by the way, I hope to see more of it.


    1. Aww thanks! It was so fun, but the dressing up part was probably the best bit!!! xx

  2. wow this is so cool. and pictures are super cute :)

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  3. So much fun in a colored and stylish night... are you in Brazil?! hahahah Amazing!