15 July 2013

Vacating & Moving - The Photo Diary

   Yes, there has been a lack of blogging once again! This is partly because I took a week away from my laptop to have a little British vacation in Newquay and partly because I have been moving house, to my new uni flat in the middle of Falmouth town, all before moving back home for the summer! So now that I am all settled here are a few photos from both my trip to Newquay and of my new flat!
The Vacay with the Boyf
The New Flat with the Bestie
In the middle of unpacking, my room for now, with a town view from my window.
I do love my Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection ^^
Shoes & clothes collecion - all colour coordinated!
Flo's  room (above).


  1. Your shoes collection is amazing!

  2. Wow, I love your collection of shoes! :D Nice photos and cute blog, dear! (:


    1. Aww thanks! Think I need more summer shoes though ;) hehe xx