17 June 2013

DIY Printed Nails and a Henna'd Hand

    Honestly, I love the new craze for nail art, but when it comes at a price of over £5 for one set of nail foils (after buying a great collection of nail-varnishes all these years) excuse me for saying, that I find it a bit of a waste of money! Instead have faith in your own handy work! Many people either use nail varnish and tiny brushes to create elaborate designs, but if your not that confident, then here's another way (similar to the foil nail transfer technique). Just have a little faith and practice a little, as you will need to once or twice before you get it perfect :)

Step 1
Chose you prints. Either cut them out of magazines or print some off on paper. What I find is that thin magazine paper works the best as it flexes around the curves of your nails but is also resistant to water so the print won't bleed and the paper won't rip as easily. Here are a few of the prints I chose bellow.
Step 2
Cut the prints down to a rough size, then soak the papers on top of a shallow dish of water, to allow them to curve around the nail easier.
Step 3
Do it nail by nail so you have time to concentrate on each. Start by painting a white/clear background to a nail. Pick a paper print and dab it dry gently, then place it on the wet nail. Push it into place and press it around the curves of the nail. If there is any excess, then cut it to size when the paper and varnish is dry. Repeat on all the other nails.
Step 4
Use clear nail varnish (here I have used one with blue glitter in to add to the effect) to add two upper coat layers on to both waterproof the paper and keep it on securely. I then also added a white tip to my nails, as a new twist on a French manicure.

 And voila! Here's the finished product of my hard work. Remember, keep practising. It is SO worth it and saves a lot of money!!


  1. What an amazing D.I.Y!
    Love the tips :)


    1. Aww thanks!!! :) It's sooo much cheaper than the foiled nail art too!! xx