3 June 2012

The Future Kinda Excites Me!

   Firstly, when logging onto Bloglovin for my daily dose of fashion&lifestyle, you'll never guess what exciting news I found waiting for me . . . I have been ranked the number one, yes, NUMBER ONE up & coming design blog :) :) :) I would like to say thanks to everyone for your support. But I would also like to ask for even more of your support! As I have worked extremely hard on my blog, making it a platform to show my design work, my blog has been nominated for an award. I would love if everyone could vote for my blog, the address is
in the next/cosmopolitan awards here
   Also let me know when you have voted for my blog, as I will enter you into an amazing SS12 giveaway that I will be doing soon, as a thank you for your support. Thanks guys <3 <3 <3


  1. Hey Sally! Congratulations on this achievement. :) This is a great step as the rankings aren't just based on number of Bloglovin' followers. So we know you're good. ;) I've voted for you on the Cosmo Blog Awards and wish you luck!


  2. Congratulations thats so fantastic!