26 December 2010

Terry Richardson's shoot for Vogue Paris Jan 11

The new fashion shoot, by Terry Richardson, featured in the first issue of Vogue Paris for 2011, in the January magazine. His collection of images shows a strong trend ready to seize spring11 with the same force as the red hot poker used to mark the male, as if he was just a common piece of live stock within the photos. I just love the glossy look to the photos, and how - although dressed extremely feminine and elegant - the females seize power over the male "cowboys". I am looking forward to this Western trend arriving soon into our lives!!


  1. I loooove this!
    Your blog is great, for sure following!

    ♥ Olivia

  2. wow those are great photos I really can't wait to see what the designers have to offer regarding the western trend. lol

  3. This is so Richardson. But I do love the ed! Probs cos Abbey is in it.

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  4. I think my fave is the photo of the two models pinning the guy down with the pocker, while wearing long sequined dresses, elegant yet sassy!

    And of course i'll follow you back, if anyone else want me to, just leave their blog address and i'll be happy too :)