21 December 2010

River Island SS11 Exclusive . . .

Next season, SS11, has now been revealed at River Island, where I was able to get a sneak peak of what can be expected for you. The strongest trends of next season that seems to be emerging include neutral colours in sheer fabric, embellishments, tassels and floral designs. Other than the feminine, 60's fashion is making a re-appearance-with mini dresses, as is leather and acid bright colours. Personally I know I will be saving up for a pair of the leather shorts and white embellished & tasselled heels!! They are GORGEOUS!!!


  1. Lovely one of the purses remind me of Mcqueen xoxo

  2. same!! wasnt that his collection inspired by the hell's anges logo . . . which there was a bit of comotion about :/ I love(d) McQueen's desings!! xx

  3. ooooooowww :) love love love :)