30 December 2010


Long Length Hairstyles -Double Knot
Knots & plats have been particularly popular over the last few years, so it is only natural that the knot has now developed to the double knot. The front of the hair can be styled in various ways, while the back is just simply tied into two knots! It is then secured with hairspray & pins.
Braided Topknot
Another adaption to last years braids, which meets the increasingly popular topknot. This braided topknot, which has previously been shown on my blog in SS, has been very popular on the SS11 catwalks. The hair is parted into sections, where french braids are platted to where the base of the topknot will be. After braiding, the plats are then tied into a topknot & secured with hairspray & clips.

Medium Length Hair Styles - Weaved Bob

The bob has now taken a mix 70's glam vibe onto it, for a softer feel and 40's pin-up for a textured, glamorous wave. The key to this style is not to overdo, but to be relaxed & understated.

Medium Length Haircuts - The Fringe / Bangs

Abbey Lee Kershaw is seen bellow modelling the latest trend for mid lengths. This style has been one of the most in & out of style trends, with it last appearing in 2008. Next year, it is mainly cut with a longer bob. It has also taken inspiration from 1970's glamour, which is neatly blow-waved under a straight -but not harsh - edge. It could also be inspired by the more folky 1960's, which was back combed, with flicked ends and unfussy. The style best works with natural, block shades.

Short Haircuts - The Pixie Crop

As shown bellow on Emma Watson, the 70's pixie crop has re-appeared, which has rather revolved from the slightly longer version seen in 2007. This crop is about shorter sides, with slightly longer top & fringe, that merge perfectly together. This crop can be styled to look boyish, rock chick or elegant. They can also be cut with a longer fringe for variation.

Change of colour . . .

The most popular hair colours for 2011 include . . . white blond/platinum and the redhead bombshell.

Platinum shades can be warn with or without dark roots. For an elegant approach go for bombshell waves or straight and sleek, but keep elegant long in length. For a sharper look, model Kate Peck is great influence.

For the red shades, either a deep red or a more natural ginger shade, much like Lily Cole's natural shade. This shade is best suited for pale/porcelain skin, perhaps with freckles and blond/fair eyebrows, which can be achieved through bleaching professionally. This shade can work well with a warrior, pin-up or maiden trend in particular.

Here are some other examples of people taking on the CHANGE of colour . . .

Lily Cole before & after, turning her brilliant copper locks to a darker glossy brown shade. Her dramatic colour change expresses strongly how the new year of 2011 IS THE year for change, as Lily's trademark red locks & even eyebrows to match have been swapped. Her fringe is also another big trend for 2011.

While Lily has moved away from red, Eniko Mihalic (above) has stepped into her shoes, with a deeper, richer red - changing from a mousy blond. Her innocent cute-as-a-button look before is a vast contrast & change to her now 50's pin-up, yet very glamorous look. Plus the red shade is going to be one of the biggest next year!

Abbey Lee Kershaw (above) has also moved on from her mousy blond hair; she has now gone for a platinum blond. This has said to help her set apart from others, after she describes this radical decision as she "just changed it". This is another key hair colour for 2011.

Not one to miss out on trend setting, Kate Moss has also joined the change, turning from a golden blond to dark, glossy brown. This new hair colour was however only a wig for the shoot for Vogue Italia December 2010, shown above, taken by Nick Knight. The shoot showed a new sex-kitten-come-voyeuristic side to Moss, enhancing the new trend of changing hair colours.


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