2 November 2010

McQueen vs Hells Angles

After Alexander McQueen has used inspiration from the copy-righted Hell's Angles logo, the motorcycle gang are threatening to press charges. Saks Fifth Avenue are also in the firing line, after stocking McQueen's 'Hells Angels Pashmina', 'Hells Angles Jacquard Box Dress' and 'Hells Knuckle'. The print used on many of these design, unfortunately, resemble quite closely to the motocyclist's 'Death Head' design. The lawsuit states"For more than half a century of continuous and conspicuous usage, both the Hells Angels word mark and the Hells Angels Death Head design mark are famous . . . are widely known and reconized by the public as indicating the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club"
Well I'm supporting McQueen on this!!! GO MCQUEEN!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I think it's too bad that McQUEEN is now recalling all items with the Hell's Angel's skull and wings logo, even the ones that have already been sold. Honestly, I don't think anyone who has bought one would be willing to send it back. All those items have now become super collectible. First of all they're McQUEEN and secondly because of the recall they're now very scarce!