31 October 2010

Alexander McQueen SS11

Alexander McQeens creative inspiration lives on through the help of Sarah Burton, with the S/S 2011 collection being designed by her. She knows she has some very large shoes to fill, but this collection is definitely a tribute to the late designer's work, although was not quite as refine and as detailed as McQueen's work, but it is necessary for Burton to bring some of her own creative inspiration to the fashion house, in order to keep it where McQueen had left it. Her first collection under McQueens name has been largely inspired by nature, with corn dresses, feathered skirts, and 3D butterfly embellishments. I look forward to seeing where this designer will go next with McQueen.


  1. good choice talking about the great Alexander.

    maybe you can like this article about him on Le Roi Coquette:

    or this one in which Alexander McQueen is mentioned in the pictures:

  2. I'm so ecstatic that the McQueen label can continue to produce the extravagant designs/art that the public expects. While I don't think any designer can fully fill the shoes of Lee McQueen, I commend their efforts.


  3. so beautiful. i miss him so. http://modestylist.blogspot.com

  4. I feel like a few of these designs are rip-offs from Balenciaga... I do like the 7th dress down though.


  5. I know! I miss him! Although I'm glad the house can live on :) and I really love the 7th dress too, although the 3rd down is my favoutire :)

  6. so amazing!!
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  7. Now following, and love your blog!!xx

  8. alexander's designs are unique, inspiring, captivating, and very detailed. noting her efforts were without the guidance of mcqueen himself, i think sara burton a great job. beautiful.

  9. Those dresses and the design are amazing! I think that Sarah Burton has done a fantastic job.