12 November 2010

Latest Fashion Editorial

Photo taken by Tim Walker, for the next issue of Vogue Italy


  1. Love this man. I would love to be in his head to see his whole imaginary world.

  2. Ohhh I love this...Tim Walker is my favourite photographer.xxx

  3. This is so amazing. :) I agree with NP I would love to be in his head to see his thoughts in action.

    On another note I just came here via IFB and am the newest follower of your blog. Would truly appreciate if you could return the favor.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  4. I like this, its really cool and just kinda out there :D

  5. I agree with you all! This photo is so imaginave, and the contrasting colours used creates a dramatic and vibrant image!
    . . . oh and Trishna, if you email your blog address to me on ifb (unless you already have, and in which case im about to check my emails) then of course I will follow you