31 October 2010

Calvin Klein Push Boundaries in New Ad Campaign

The new A/W 2010 Calvin Klein adds, featuring Lara Stone, have effectively been banned in Australia, for 'glamorising rape and violence'! This is not the first add to be banned of Calvin Klein, however, my personal opinion, I would not say that these picture depicted rape nor violence. OK they may be TOO sexualised for every member of the public, but times are moving on! If Alexander McQueen could produce a collection entitled 'Highland Rape' in A/W 1995, with his models staggering down the catwalk in clothes which have been violently torn away, and get away with it. And if GaGa can practically strut around naked in her 'Telephone' video, and (almost) get away with it . . . then where do we draw the line? Whats pushing it, making something unique, and whats pushing it too far?
Would you say these photos should be band, for just reflecting lust and desire? Personally, I think billboard ads would be pushing it too much, but magazines such as Vogue, is this really that controversial?

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