12 December 2016

Your Body Was Made to Move - Exercise & Supplement Guide

   It is remarkable really, just what our bodies are capable of doing! But do we truly make the most of it? Be it a gentle stroll or a hardcore HIIT session, exercise of any kind is fantastic for our bodies. And as long as we challenge our own personal bests, we continue to reap the rewards. However, despite the benefits of frequent exercise, it can cause increased stress on our joints. So I went to go & meet with the team at Solgar to discuss exactly what can be done to keep our bodies as healthy as our lifestyle!
   "Joint health is no longer something that the over 50's have to worry about. An increasingly active younger population & the rise in people taking up competitive sports & training in their leisure time means that we all now have to focus on how our physical activity might impact on our body in the long run - especially on our joints!" - Laura Williams, Fitness Expert & PT.

What happens to our bodies when we exercise?
   Although there are millions of benefits from exercising, there is a couple of downsides. The more we push ourselves in our workouts, the more stress & impact the exercise will have on our bones & joints, which in time may lead to injury or a decrease in mobility. During extreme exercise, our bodies also produce 'free radicals', which increases oxidative stress within our bodies & can over time effect our health. BUT for every problem comes a solution - this time in the form of exercise & supplements. It is good to note that free radicals can also be fought with a healthy diet - for example eat foods high in vitamin C & E.
Exercise that can help us stay flexible
   It is often said that you should compliment your main exercise or sport with something different, to either improve your strength, mobility, endurance... in order to thrive at your main activity. For example, I do weight training 5-6 times per week, but I also compliment this with some cardio to increase my endurance & yoga to keep me flexible. So I spoke to bodybuilder & creator of Broga, Matt Miller, about the best exercises to keep you flexible & active...
7 Stretches to Keep You Flexible
   It is important to remember not to force yourself too deeply into stretches, only go as deep into the stretch as your body can handle - we all have different ranges of flexibility! And in time, we can improve.

My Supplement Guide for Joint Health
   As effective as a well balanced diet can be, added supplements & vitamins can be a great boost. Here are just a few from Solgar that are a particular favourite of mine...
What? 7 natural ingredients, for a noticeable difference in 7 days. This once daily supplement can be used to target the occasional pains that occur from physical activity. It targets both structure & function of the joint, by supporting the collagen building blocks & sensitive joint cartilage, to strengthen & repair, whilst targeting joint inflammation & pain, to enable the natural range of motion & flexibility.
Why? I would use this if I had an ongoing twinge, to help support the over stressed joint, to allow me to recover & continue with my normal training. For example if I had a twinge in my lower back or knees. I would take them a little longer after the pain had gone away, to ensure full recovery.

What? With 185 times greater bioavailability - meaning that our bodies can more easily absorb the benefits from the curcumin - this is one of the most advanced curcumin products on the market. Derived from turmeric, it is known for it's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-microbial properties, which can help bring relief to joint pain & tenderness.
Why? To be taken when feeling a little sore, or as a daily supplement, to help support joint health, especially when taking part in demanding exercise.

What? Our joints are subject to daily wear & tear, so when you factor in physical activity too, they can be put under extreme stress - the solution, to keep them nourished in order to keep them healthy. While cartilage can protect our joints to a certain extent, chondrocytes (found within this supplement) can help repair damaged cartilage. Meanwhile the glucosamine ingredient helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which is a strong, fibrous protein matrix that forms the foundation of cartilage.
Why? I would take this supplement to aid me when taking part in demanding physical activity, to ensure I am protecting my body, whilst challenging myself. 

What? A supplement providing high levels of key minerals calcium & magnesium, in an organic with key ingredients to make the minerals easy to absorb & utilised within our bodies, to help towards strong, healthy bones.
Why? To be taken as a daily supplement, to help keep bones at their healthiest.

   As it is the season of giving & to coincide with all your new years resolutions, I am giving away a goody bag full of supplements, vitamins, drinks etc to help kick start your new years healthy living! Solgar will be featuring in this goody bag! So keep your eyes peeled to my social media for more details. I will be picking my most engaged follower to win - so whoever shares, likes, follows, comments the most! Good luck :)

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