25 November 2016

Clean Eating Made Easy - What I Eat in a Day

   I see so often people falling short of their goals because they're either constantly dieting & depriving their bodies of what it truly needs, or they just feel at a loss as to what to eat. So I thought today I would share with you exactly what I eat in a week, to show you just how easy it is! So ditch those naff diets - its time to fuel your body with what it needs, to enjoy what you're eating & to understand why you're eating it!

   Before I begin, there's a few important things to note...
1. These portion sizes are specific to my macros (currently on 2090 cals, 261g carbs, 58g fat & 131g protein). So take a note of your height & weight & enter them into an online calorie calculator to give you a rough idea of your daily intake. You can also use a calorie counter to help stay on track.
2. If you wish to gain weight, increase your calories & to lose weight, try a calorie deficit of 200-300 calories, to make it more sustainable. It's as simple as that!
3. PLEASE DON'T cut out a whole food group! Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, especially on training days, whilst fats also provide energy & are utilised on rest days. Calories are one of the easiest forms of energy to keep tabs on though, so don't be shy of them - your body needs the energy! Meanwhile protein is important for muscle growth & repair. This is a very broad explanation, but it's to help you understand the importance of each food group.

   So here is an example of what I eat in a week - it is easy to prepare, nutritionally rich & most importantly very tasty! Plus the smaller portions & frequent snacks keep me full all day & on track from bringing on sugar!
Overnight oats + Green Tea
* TIP - Try making porridge with coconut milk to add flavour, so you won't need to add a topping, such as honey *
Oat Biscuits + Homemade Cappuccino
* TIP - Make your own cappuccinos, lattes etc instead of buying them - you can use skimmed milk & water & less sugar, making them a lot healthier (& cheaper) than buying one *
Soup + Black Coffee
Carbs from my pitta, protein for my cottage cheese & soup & a square of dark chocolate to help prevent blood clots, whilst the black coffee picks up my energy & metabolism for the afternoon. An easy yet well thought out lunch - everything has it's purpose!
Apple + Peanut Butter + Lemon Water
Banana's are also a fantastic alternative!
* TIP - I aim to drink 2 litres of water a day. Add lemon for flavour, great health benefits & to decrease bloating! *
Tuna + Salad Cream
TIP - It's important to intake protein after weight training, to repair & build your muscles. Tuna is extremely lean & high in protein, but other good options are chicken & protein shakes with water *
Oven Cooked Peri Peri Salmon + Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom + Baked Veg
* TIP - Reduced fat mozzarella, cottage cheese & Greek or Icelandic yogurt are great alternatives to meat, to increase your daily protein intake *
Sugary Tea + Protein Yogurt + Chocolate
I know bedtime is the worst time to treat yourself, but it keeps me motivated all day! So why not!

   I hope this helps to give you new ideas of how easy healthy eating can be! If you'd like to know more or want more inspiration of healthy meal plans, contact me or leave a comment bellow! 

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