11 July 2016

Are You Crowd Surf Ready? with Gymbox + Stubhub!

   With festival season now in full swing, I was lucky enough to be invited along to trial one of Gymbox's new summer fitness classes, in association with Stubhub, called Crowd Surf Ready. Now I don't know about you, but I had never previously visited a Gymbox before, so I was more than excited to receive this chance & to trial the gym itself as well as the class. 
   On first impressions, the entrance seemed like any other chain of gym, but it was when I was directed down the 4 flights of stairs that I realised what a hidden gem it was. Think clubbing, meets lazor quest, teamed with a hard core adventure playground for adults... with a sprinkling of adrenaline. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before from a gym, with so many levels & corners to explore so many different types of fitness.
   As for the class itself - it aimed to teach endurance, strength & correct technique, to achieve fail safe crowd surfing this summer. We started with a few circuits, to get the blood flowing & the muscles alive - it was first thing in the morning after all! We were told each section of the class was symbolic of festival activities - for example the warm up was getting us ready for the dancing & jumping around at festivals. We then moved onto core & upper body strength, to ensure we had good form & endurance when it came to lifting weight above out heads or later a real person above our heads! Then came the scary part - the crowd surfing - in which we were taught techniques as a lifter & as a surfer! Overall it was a fun workout & one completely different to anything I have tried previously!
   Is this class right for you? If you love trying new things, enjoy festivals or music events or prefer fitness classes over cardio machines or free weight, then I'd say yes! You might get a little sweaty with circuits to begin with, but it combines a great mix of cardio, weights & loud music, to allow all fitness backgrounds to enjoy it. Not only will you learn to crowd surf like a pro, but you'll also come out of the sessions stronger & fitter!
   If you are interested in attending the classes, which are running for 6 weeks at Gymbox Farringdon, they start on the 14th July - but spaces are limited, so book in advance via Gymbox. Are you #CrowdSurfReady?

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